The iPhone 6s vs Galaxy Note 5 and the Appearance of Change

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Tech experts are claiming Samsung’s Galaxy Note 5 isn’t very different from its predecessor. Samsung could have done more to upgrade their handheld device.

As for the iPhone 6s, champions argue this is the better product if you are looking for a phone specifically. We pitted the two against each other to determine which had the higher quality build, which one offered the better screen, and a few other elements worth comparing.

Starting with Size

You might think Samsung makes a larger device than Apple by default, but that isn’t true here. An iPhone 6s is fractionally larger than the Galaxy Note 5.

The reverse is true of battery size: 3000mAh (Galaxy) vs. 2915mAh (Apple). Samsung’s phone can be recharged wirelessly, too, something you can’t do with the iPhone. A Galaxy battery lasts two days when charged.

Screen Time

It will be tough exiting your internet game or Youtube channel when the resolution of both devices is so sharp. Samsung edges out Apple in this department with a 2650×1440 resolution and 518pp. The iPhone’s pixels amount to just 401ppi, but images look great so you won’t be counting pixels.


Some viewers wish there were better apps included with both devices, but the Galaxy at least features the ability to open two apps simultaneously and even to make them float around the screen. Apple’s iPhone 6s comes with 3 free months of Apple Music: good news given that their audio performance is better than that of the Galaxy Note 5.


The iPhone 6s and Galaxy Note 5 are both accessed using a fingerprint scanner. Add an additional security app and the Galaxy Note 5 will let you make payments online. That’s good news: you can’t forget your fingerprints the way you can lose track of a PIN number. Bio-security is on the upsurge and Samsung is following tech trends.


An iPhone is still prone to bending: it’s that flimsy build quality. The Samsung, however, demonstrates why it is important to listen to customers. They used a stronger series of aluminum for the Galaxy Note 5 so that users cannot bend their Samsung phones any longer.

S-pen Stylus

Some people prefer to tap with their fingers and others like to use a stylus, which is also useful for doodling with an art app and inking text in. Samsung included their S-pen with the package once more and it has lost a millimeter down the side. Apple might want to add something similar to their iPhone 6s kit.


Emails, videos, websites, and pictures all look brilliant on both cameras. The Galaxy Note 5 camera, however, possesses a larger MP sensor for photographs than the iPhone: 16MP as opposed to 8MP.

Even so, during trials it turns out Apple probably packs something else into their device because photography on the iPhone 6s is magnificent. Both cameras provide anti-blurring measures and take video.

Galactic Winner

Samsung’s solid-feeling Galaxy Note 5 is a marginally better machine except for a glass back which makes users nervous. When it comes to graphics, the iPhone 6s isn’t a dud but Samsung excels.

Then of course there are the userface nuances which really count for someone like myself who uses their smartphone quite a lot for emails, text, web browsing (and I’m not alone).

I don’t yet have either of these, but I have an iPhone 6. I did a comparison to the Android that you can check out here. It isn’t a really technical discussion so much as the areas that stuck out to me with the purchasing experience included as well.