Apple iPad Pro

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Fans of the Apple iPad learned today that Apple is about to launch the iPad Pro. In November of 2015, this much-anticipated, heavily upgraded model of the popular iPad will arrive in stores.

Apple iPad Pro Features

At a press conference in California, executives from Apple showed their audience what the new iPad Pro is made of. The screen is wider at 12.9″ and 265ppi provides a better display.

A lot of the upgrades pertain to your visual experience and although last year’s iPad seemed like a step up from anything you had ever seen before, the Pro is better.

ipad pro

Technology called Retina 5K creates an eye-popping display. Graphics load more quickly than in most portable personal computers. In fact, the whole thing is faster than your average mobile PC. You can even edit 3 4K videos at the same time.

Power Chip

Apple uses the A9X processor, a small chip, to control the entire system. It handles graphics, a 4-speaker system, a split screen, and supports numerous apps.

Speaking of power, the battery lasts 10 hours if you are mobile and can’t get to a charger. Enjoy music and videos away from home while the A9X balances sound depending on how the tablet is oriented.

Smart Pencil

Apple’s new improved pencil for the iPad Pro also got a lot of press time. This is no ordinary pencil but a wireless stylus recognized by the iPad and super sensitive the way a real pencil would be. Press lightly for soft lines and harder for darker, wider strokes. Apple’s pencil is supposed to register how much pressure the user applies.

Apple Pencil For iPad Pro

With an additional app, that pencil can also be used to ink in text when you want to emphasize something in an email. Scanning accuracy is reported to be excellent.

Smart Keyboard

A fabric-covered keyboard attaches to the iPad Pro using special smart connectors. The keyboard and the Apple Pencil are separate features: they do not come with the iPad Pro. Factor them into your overall costs if you plan on using the iPad Pro as a drawing pad and find a keyboard more convenient than tapping the screen.

Adobe Compatibility

During the press conference, Adobe got involved because they have created some apps compatible with iPad Pro programs. These include a Sketching app which ties in neatly with the special stylus/pencil. Their Photoshop Fix app allows you to retouch images taken or stored on the Apple iPad Pro.

Face Time: Photographs and People

There are two cameras on Apple’s new iPad: one at the front and one at the back. The back camera lets you take pictures with excellent resolution. The front camera allows users to engage in FaceTime HD. Talk to people in real time or take their pictures: this is a multi-media darling full of communication features. Synchronicity between Adobe and Apple makes the experience smoother than ever.

Buy the Apple iPad Pro

Here is the bad news: Apple’s price. A 32GB machine in silver, gold, or space grey costs about $800. Make that 128GB for $949 or an LTE 128GB and pay $1,079 plus the cost of a keyboard and pencil. Consumers who appreciate Apple’s advancements, however, will barely blink at these prices.