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This is not the newest crime-fighting hero beating criminals with a stick. We aren’t about to review a kitchen tool for making fish and chips.

The Batteriser is an electronic accessory set to save money and help consumers be more environmentally responsible. It’s a simple sleeve that is allegedly enabling consumers to realize the full potential of small household batteries.

Inventors of the Batteriser claim that batteries typically use only 20% of their potential power before they are discarded. That’s where their invention comes in.

batteriserBatteriser Profile

The system is proprietary: that is, they aren’t telling you anything about the circuitry or technical design, although a video and pictures give some clues. It is polarized, so there is a right way and a wrong way to place this sleeve over your battery just as there is a correct orientation for your cell within any electronic device, but anyone can do it. Makers of the Batteriser built in reverse-polarity protection, however, so your gadget is safe if you turn the sleeve upside down.

A 1-mm strip of stainless steel coated in anti-conductive material is placed over any AA, AAA, C, or D battery. It’s known as a voltage management system used to “maintain optimal output voltage” until the cell is truly, 100% dead. Such a skinny item can fit into almost any space without adding weight to your flashlight, remote control box, game console, or other electronic device. They can’t guarantee this will fit everywhere but most battery spaces can make room for 1 mm of metal.

That non-conductive coating prevents a short which might otherwise be caused by placing naked stainless steel against your Lithium Ion cell. Two engineers, brothers, in fact, have been working on this design for a long time. They and the two other members of their team are not shy about lending their faces to advertising. Let their transparency and professional pride give you courage to try the product: scammers would hide.

Where to Use the Batteriser

Cell sizes mentioned above currently accommodate this new invention which is in pre-release mode through Indiegogo, a crowd-funding organization. These include regular and rechargeable batteries, whether they have already been used or are brand new. Purchase sleeves designed for stacked batteries or those placed side-by-side.

Praise for the Batteriser

With the exception of some nay-sayers who believe this new product must be a sham, most experts are excited about the product. The team’s web page lists where one can read about their device: in PC World, CNN Money, and other publications. There is plenty of talk about the Batteriser online and what it could mean for consumers and the environment.

While it would be much better if someone could come up with a way to either reduce Westerner’s reliance on batteries in the first place or make a power source that does not use dangerous chemicals, the Batteriser could cut down battery waste and the leaching of lithium ion into the environment by 800%.

Buy the Batteriser

Indiegogo has launched a pre-order site for their newest project. A pack of 40 sleeves to be used with AA cells costs $80. The “C” battery sleeve costs $35 for 8: check out current prices which vary by sleeve-count and size. Essentially, a single one is priced about $2 but will probably cost a bit more if purchased individually should the Batteriser be released in stores like Walmart some day soon.