The Davinci Vaporizer: A Work Of Art

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The Davinci Vaporizer is a simple unit designed for discrete portable vaping. Choose Davinci when quality means more to you than merely a low-priced item; when trustworthy design is favored over cheap build quality.

Consumers have trusted the brand for years and vendors choose the name because they can guarantee satisfaction to their customers. Take a closer look at this best-selling device costing around $130 and available from all discerning vape retailers.

Davinci Vaporizer in Detail

Davinci Vaporizer

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These days, consumers will be ordering version two of the original Davinci (not the Davinci Ascent, a completely different product by the same people). Version 2 is made with a more user-friendly chamber than before, one that is easier for vapers to fill and clean. Get in and out with minimal mess and thoroughly clean your unit so vapor tastes good and the machine works properly.

Herbs and Oil

Herbs will be tucked up safe and sound behind a magnetic door. Customers might take magnetic doors for granted, but even a year ago they were not nearly as typical as they are today. Magnets replace screws; parts you can lose basically and which make removing or replacing the herb chamber door a hassle. Magnets hold the door on tightly to prevent herbs from spilling out. You can also use an oil container with the Davinci V2. (You can check this all out in the video below this article.)

How to Draw

DaVinci Vaporizer Bundle coupon codeYou suck vapor through the narrow Flexi-straw: a tube that bends with the normal action of a vaper. Most people wouldn’t usually hold a cigarette rigidly in front of them: why should an electronic device be any different? It’s not natural. The flexistraw allows you to hold the vaporizer at a comfortable angle without letting go of your vapor pathway.

Battery Talk

Battery life has been improved upon since version one was released. You now get up to 100 minutes when the vaporizer is charged, but most likely an hour when used continuously. Power is provided by three Lithium Ion batteries that do not come out of their compartment. This is perhaps the only down-side, especially for people who want to be ready for vaping with the Davinci at all times.

Great Materials

Davinci utilizes stainless steel to create a heating element that will not release bad-smelling fumes or chemicals into the air or your vapor. That is a problem with cheap machines. Materials are cheap, do not stand up to high temperatures, and release toxins you can smell and taste. Not only is this nasty but also potentially dangerous to your health. Stainless steel is a neutral, sturdy material created to last through many happy hours of vaping.


Control the temperature of your Davinci to as much as 430F while convincing others you are only playing with a walkie-talkie or retro-style transistor radio. The exterior is so durable you could drop it from your second-story window without causing more than a scratch. Air vents under the straw let out hot air to prevent overheating in the battery compartment.

More Features

The Davinci V2 boasts of a built-in storage container, two filling chambers, and 10-minute automatic shut-off for safety and energy preservation. Don’t worry if you are the forgetful sort. The Davinci prevents you from using up herbs, wasting your battery, or creating a fire hazard.

Light and compact, this attractive product is backed by a 90-day warranty and comes with everything but oil or plant material. Customers receive a battery charger, cleaning equipment, screens, canisters, and instructions.

Of course the battery is part of your device, so it’s included by default, rechargeable via USB. Select gray, black, or green, just solid stealthy colors that will blend in with the contents you usually carry around and won’t take up much space.

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