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Modern times have so many ways and means to get necessary items for survival, but the luxuries are even easier to get and far more varied. Instead of foraging for food, stores are stocked with any food a customer could ever dream of. Instead of building a hut from straw and tree branches, seemingly permanent domiciles are raised by contractors and sold to the highest bidders.

These houses that can cost more than a couple million dollars, or as low as a few thousand dollars are more often than not outfitted with certain luxuries, such as washers, driers, stoves, central air conditioning and central heating. Because of the ever-cheaper prices of ventilation in homes, heating and air conditioning systems have gone from existing solely in the homes of the affluent to nearly every home in any developed country.


With this widespread proliferation of these systems has come innovation regarding the ways the ventilation systems are set up, as well as even creating smart thermostats, capable of pairing wirelessly to smart phones. Although these smart thermostats are still more or less unseen in the houses of the common home owner, the technology is ever-growing and is very affordable. One of the well-reputed smart thermostats is the Ecobee3.

Using wireless remote sensors, the Ecobee3 is capable of measuring the temperatures of each individual room, as well as how many people are in each room. The benefit of this method of heating and cooling the home is that instead of blowing unused comfort into empty rooms, the Ecobee3 will direct the air scheduled to blow into the rooms that are inhabited. Upon purchase, one remote sensor is provided, but more can be purchased and the product is capable of having up to 32 connected at once, so castle owners are in luck.

Another great benefit to this comfort-improving system is that while keeping the right rooms at the right temperatures, the system is saving power by neglecting to pay attention to heating or cooling unoccupied rooms. The system is so smart that whether the customer’s schedule is set or sporadic, the Ecobee3 will detect when the user is home and adjust settings to be appropriate.

As mentioned previously, the smart thermostat can be paired to a smart phone with an app available on any app store. Making use of the app allows the home owner to adjust the temperature, or monitor their house’s temperature from virtually anywhere. The Ecobee3 also provides users with a live weather announcement, as well as a four-day weather forecast. It can also alert the customer if anything in the system is malfunctioning, or if the temperature is outside of the limits set for the house. All of these settings can be viewed on the full color LCD touch screen that is 3.5 inches diagonal, as well as on the smart phone.

Although it is not a necessity by any stretch of the imagination, smart thermostat technology is compatible with most residential heating and cooling systems and can truly improve the experience of owning or renting a home. There are some slightly cheaper smart thermostats on the market, but the Ecobee3 shows itself as a very capable and beneficial product, and for around $230.00, it is a luxury that is also affordable and available to the masses. Regardless of how tech savvy or inept the customer is, the Ecobee3 is easy enough to be installed and controlled by anybody with a screwdriver, a smart phone and the desire to experience a new way of heating or cooling their home.