Filtrete Home Air Filtering Solutions

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Why should you worry about filtering the air in your home? This is the safest place in your world where all the toxins from outside can’t get inside, right?

For one thing, that’s wrong; and for another, there are more than environmental chemicals to think about. Imagine if your nagging allergies or a stubborn cough was the result of debris in the air and you could do something about it: wouldn’t you?

Even if you don’t own pets, there’s plenty of stuff in the air you don’t normally see and you’re breathing it in and out. Filtrete invites you to improve your health and protect your loved ones. Filtrete is supported by Mike Holmes, famous DIY expert and TV personality, whose columns feature on the Filtrete website. Read what he has to say about further protecting air quality.

Dare to Compare

Fiberglass filters protect HVAC systems but were never designed for home air quality. That’s why Filtrete does not use fiberglass. These are disposable products featuring an electrostatic charge which attracts particles better than washable items.

Filtrete Products Online and in Stores

The Filtrete catalogue consists of products divided by filtration level, size, and category. There are 8 categories of filtration from 300 MPR (Microparticle Performance Rating) to 2200 MPR. Ratings refer to a filter’s ability to catch particles measuring 0.3 to 1 micron and the volume your filter can handle before it is full of debris. Categories include filters for air conditioning units, allergen defense or reduction, clean living, adapters, hammock filters, healthy living, and reducing unpleasant odors. The biggest size is a hammock filter.

What Is a Filter?

The vents in your home and your main air conditioning or force air heating system should be fitted with filters. As air is pushed around and sucked back in to the vents of a home, it circulates debris that has settled in ducts, carpets, walls, and furnishings. Dust, pollen, cigarette smoke, and other debris blows around and gets in your airways. If the vents are protected with filters, these particles are captured before you can inhale them.

You should change the filters on your heating/cooling system at least every 6 months or whenever you notice a change: people are sneezing more, colds won’t go away, or there are nasty smells to deal with. Certain circumstances require more frequent changing. If you own a large dog or several pets; if you smoke; or if you are undergoing some kind of household renovations involving sanding and painting, don’t fail to change filters at least every few months or even more often than that.

Healthy Living Series

This is one of the two largest collections from Filtrete, focusing on regular clean air maintenance in the home. If you are parents with small children, elderly individuals, or people with chronic illness live with you, it is important to keep the air inside as clean as possible all the time.

Healthy Living Filters feature 1500, 1900, or 2200 MPR ratings for top-of-the-line safety and protection. Healthy Living Ultra Allergen Filters handle dust and debris of all kinds, attracting them with their electrostatic quality.

This line is especially good with dust and lint. You will still have to dust for the very small particles in usual household air and vacuum furniture or carpets to remove a lot of it, but there would be plenty you’d miss if filters weren’t in place doing their job silently.

Advanced Allergen Protection

Allergen Defense Micro Allergen furnace filters feature a high MPR and last about 3 months at a time. You want to change filters more frequently if you suffer from allergies to cigarette smoke, cat or dog dander, or pollen. Clean the air of your house while running the hot or cold air and remove up to 99% of allergens and bacteria. With Filtrete filters in place, your health will improve exponentially. Find out what it means to really breathe freely.

Amazing Odor Reduction

You hate to admit it but Fido smells. So does lingering cigarette smoke, even when it’s merely carried in on the clothing of a smoker who takes his bad habit outside. Air filters designed to reduce odors use activated carbon widely known to neutralize bad smells associated with burned food, paint, strong cleaners, sickness, or dirty diapers. They remove musty, mildew, or animal scents you become accustomed to but which make guests feel uncomfortable.

Home: Where the Heart Is

You don’t want family, friends, and other guests focusing on odors or allergies when they’re at your house. Help them to enjoy their visit and stay longer, comfortably, by ensuring a clean environment beyond scrubbed kitchen surfaces and newly laundered bed linens. Trust Filtrete to clear the air and concentrate on people.