The Fitbit Zip Fitness Tracker

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Every activity you do all day long contributes to your overall activity level and has bearing on your fitness. That means a mother who does not get time to hit the gym or join a soccer team could be extremely fit if she and her kids do a lot of walking, skipping rope, or playing catch at the school field.

While friends and family wonder at her figure, all you have to do is read results from her fitness tracker. Find out for sure just how active you are using a tool like the Fitbit Zip Fitness Tracker.

Wear It to Work and Play

In other words, you don’t have to go for a run or play squash to work your heart: the Fitbit Zip will prove it to you as it records every step you take. That includes climbing stairs, play “Ring around the Rosie,” and dancing to children’s music. You could be surprised how much play time works your heart.

Fitbit Zip

Wireless Technology

This new Fitbit tracker clips to your clothing so you don’t even have to fasten it like a watch. Just slide the metal and silicone clip over a belt loop, onto the collar of your shirt, or onto your coat pocket and let it record all your steps while shoveling snow or pushing kids down the slide at the playground. It won’t get in the way no matter how you like to get your exercise.

How to Use

You merely tap the screen in order to get a reading: time of day, statistics, steps, calories, and number of active minutes. They call this — fittingly — TAP Display. In other words there are no buttons to press. Also, the battery is replaceable. Use the same batteries that work in your regular wristwatch.

Sync to Smartphone

The Fitbit Zip also syncs to your Smartphone or computer so you can track and examine activity easily. Take off the Zip and study your readings at night before bed. Keep up with how much you are doing but also determine how much more you need to do in order to reach a healthy level of movement daily.

The Fitbit Zip isn’t just for fit people to gloat about their level of fitness but also for people who are seeking a healthier lifestyle to objectively assess their performance. In fact, you might discover that the mom who only gets time to play is fitter than a person who runs every morning but sits at a desk for eight hours.

More Features

The Fitbit Zip display is a bright LCD screen: easy to read in spite of the small, watch-face size. The surrounding material is made from thermoplastic you are not meant to keep next to your skin. It is light and durable, even resilient if you get it wet or wear it every day, bumping and dropping it periodically.

Colors are pink, blue, yellow, and black. Be discrete and hide it under clothing; or make this a fashion accessory worn on the outside. The sporty shades will match fitness clothing but even if they don’t, at least three of them are vibrant and cheerful. Enjoy exercise and stop worrying about what type you engage in: just get moving.

More from Fitbit

Fitbit also makes several other devices like the One Activity and Sleep Tracker which tells you how much rest you are getting as well as how much you move. A band called the Flex fastens comfortably to your wrist and is made in lots of colors. Its five-day battery lasts even when you are sleeping and signals progress using LED lights. These lights indicate when you are nearing the programmable level of activity you are aiming for.