The Natural Flavor Of Hint Water

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Water should taste like nothing but clean, pure water. A lot of people want flavor in their water, however, and are turned off by a plain old glass of H20. They will add flavorings and sweeteners which contain artificial sweeteners and colors because these aren’t dull the way tap water is.

A brand like Hint aims to restore people’s interest in hydration, an important part of good health. Here is what you can expect from Hint Water.

What is Hint Water?

While it looks like a sugary drink from the label, Hint is in fact unsweetened. There are no calories: just a “hint” of flavor and the light aroma of that flavor, always a fruit. To get the lovely flavors, the company uses the skins and oils of a fruit – so it should taste like a glass of water with real fruit suspended in it; subtly different yet still water. This was especially important to Kara Goldin, the CEO, founder and creator of Hint, and who did so because she was working hard to leave a soda habit behind. Her personal story is very inspiring, as you can see in the video below!

There is not a single form of sweetener in the bottle, not even stevia, and there are zero GMOs. This is safe, affordable stuff for anyone including people whose immune systems are compromised and pregnant women. Your kids can drink it too.

Blackberry Hint WaterSome Hint Flavors

Though not “flavored” like soda pop or juice, there are certain flavors available such as blackberry, apple, watermelon, and orange.

Hint also makes a fizzy version of their product called “Fizz” which, like Hint, is simply water with a touch of something subtle which has been carbonated: watermelon, blackberry, crisp apple and blood orange. Some bottles are glass and others are plastic with screw tops.

Drink More Water

At Hint, they want people to drink more water and they provide a list of top reasons to do just that. One is to stop you from feeling hungry; another is that dehydration causes headaches.

Your metabolism operates better if you drink more and a healthy digestive system is also aided by proper hydration which aids the function of soluble fiber in your diet.

If you suffer from bloating or are trying to lose weight, a strong metabolism and healthy digestion can only help. Water is what your body uses to get rid of chemicals that build up every day so your organs need to be flushed all the time.

If your immune system isn’t operating to its optimum capacity, it could be a result of toxins becoming concentrated in your body, not to mention poor absorption of nutrients caused by digestive issues.

Drink more and feel healthier. It’s true of pain relief besides preventing headaches: hydration prevents muscle cramps much of the time, particularly if water has not been demineralized. Often it is something as simple as remembering to drink which stops that throbbing in your forehead. Finally, you are made of water, so give back what your body needs to function and which you lose by sweating and peeing.

Who Should Drink Hint

If you are trying to encourage someone to drink more liquids, Hint or Fizz could be just the thing. It’s safe for people with gluten intolerance and vegans. If you are on the look-out for GMOs, this is a safe product. This is a great transitional product for people switching over from sugary drinks too. The company has verified buyer reviews that are in full agreement with this. We saw one review that actually went so far as to say that the drink helped replace an alcoholic beverage (which as we all know are loaded in empty calories).

Where Can I Buy Hint Water

Most major grocery stores carry Hint and Fizz. They are usually among the more affordable products on shelves where they share space with expensive coconut water and sweetened cold tea. You don’t need coconut water for hydration: water will do.

If your grocery store does not carry Hint or Fizz, ask them to stock it or buy it online at their site, You might even see this brand at convenience stores where you can trust this to be a great choice when you want quick hydration on the road and want an alternative to juice, iced tea or coffee, or soda pop. And, if we are given any discounts or Hint coupon codes, we will post them in our Drink Hint Water section here!