iPhone SE

The latest version of Apple’s popular iPhone, the iPhone SE, is finally ready to hit the shelves. What do technology-savvy people think of it? What about consumers with an eye for fashion? Is it stylish? We’ll tackle all of these topics and more.

Starting with Style

iPhone SEs

The simplest question to answer refers to style, and yes, this is a beautiful device. It’s four inches of fabulousness: as slim as you can imagine without trying to talk or play games on a credit card. Colors are bright; definition is sharp. Besides the touchscreen, you have three unobtrusive buttons along the side.

Apple takes bead-blasted aluminum to achieve the glossy, soft-looking, classic exterior. Lines are rounded and ergonomic. There’s also the camera; ah, the lovely camera. Do you really need a separate digital when phone cameras have come so far?

New Design

Apple claims they reinvented their iPhone 6, but it’s all very familiar, just with upgrades. There’s the A9 chip from their iPhone 6 which supports camera and video. The flash is brighter and results in authentic images where tones are more natural. There’s a 4-inch Retina display, 12 megapixel iSight camera, 4K video offering 1080p and High Definition. You can edit video too.

More Technology

An iPhone SE has the capacity to operate your phone like a computer. Just visit the app store and find out all that can be done on a 4-inch screen. Shop, browse, play games, and more. This version of the iPhone is quicker than your iPhone 5 by 300% just in case you’re still holding onto that relic and wondering if the time has come to switch — finally.

Say Hi to Siri

Siri is a wonder of 21st Century technology. “She” is a wonderful resource and all you have to do is say “Hey Siri” to get her attention and use the iPhone with your voice alone. This is a great feature if you find the touchscreen too small for your hands or vision is an issue. With Siri, iPhone technology is available to everyone, old or young.


The iCloud library allows you to travel with your pictures and videos in the same slender format as always instead of packing around DVD discs and photo albums. It’s all there at the touch of a finger, with storage room for many days, weeks, and even months of images. Get access using Touch ID. This reads your fingerprint so you don’t have to remember yet another password.

Secure Transactions

One reason you need this security is that you’ll want to buy things online using your phone. With Touch ID, your credit card details are much safer than they are with a simple password. The iPhone SE reads your card the way a Credit Card machine reads it, which eliminates the need to tap in numbers.

Speeding Up

Handheld technology is constantly becoming quicker. That’s the case with Apple’s latest iPhone. Play games, go shopping, and watch TV at incredible speeds using Wi-Fi and LTE technology. You’ve got the Bluetooth option to get connected with bigger speakers and share with others, although the iPhone’s sound is surprisingly big for such a small device.

Consumers acquire access to 19 bands of LTE, iOS 9, and more multi-media features than most people will ever use. That’s one reason an iPhone SE is so much fun: there’s something new to discover every week but it’s still a cell phone too.

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