Kangen Water

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Regular tap water contains chemicals and pollutants which the naked eye cannot see. Scientists believe that regular water might be making people sick unless it has been purified using some kind of machine which only removes the bad particles without reducing mineral content. Kangen Water could be the answer.

Kangen Water and Enagic

A number of pretenders are trying to sell their products as Kangen Water, but there is only one company which can legally adopt the name and advertise as Kangen Water, originally from Japan.

USA headquarters are based in California. Enagic is among the few firms worldwide in the business of water purification and ionization to be certified by the World Quality Association. They have given Enagic the Gold Seal award as a mark of excellence.

Technology from Kangen

Kangen has designed several models to suit businesses or homes; drinking water or bathing water; and heavy or low-use environments. Customers are encouraged to buy the machine that is right for a particular application, but there is at least one model which can be used 5 different ways.

For the Family

Their Large Family Unit (LFU) handles water ionization where use is heavy. Enjoy clean water that is alkaline and safe to drink: five types of water depending on the way you plan to use it. Businesses also benefit from installation of the LFU if the number of customers and employees using the tap or showering on-site is large enough to justify this heavy-duty model.

The Mighty 8-Plate

Mechanical systems change the chemical nature of water without creating toxins. The Mighty 8-Plate Anti-Oxidizer uses platinum-dipped titanium plates to ionize water and to add to potential antioxidant content. This is a multi-voltage machine for use around the world, although with 8 plates it also uses more energy than some models.

Energy Saving

An Energy Saver called the JRII uses just three electrode plates, which means it uses less electricity than other models. You won’t compromise quality for lower energy consumption although it’s not as versatile as the Mighty 8-Plate.

Remove Chlorine

Chlorine is a strong-smelling additive in drinking water applied to kill bacteria. The ANESPA system gets rid of chlorine from the shower or bath. This is not for drinking but for removing a chemical which causes dryness and sometimes rashes on sensitive skin. Your body will absorb the water more easily using the ANESPA while feeling less sensitive during your regular bathing routine.

For Small Spaces

An Under-the-Counter Unit called the SD501 is perfect for installation under a regular kitchen sink. It takes up little space and is easy to navigate with its LCD display and color-coded controls.

Common Questions about Kangen Water

One side effect of water filtered through the Kangen system is that it tastes and smells different. Strong chemicals are removed but minerals remain; minerals your body needs from water but which are denied during certain purification measures.

Kangen Water can be used for making skin creams, for cleaning, cooking, drinking, and bathing. There is just one gastric condition identified by the company which interacts with Kangen drinking water. Read their website for detailed information.