Nespresso Pixie

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The Nespresso Pixie is aptly named given its size in comparison to coffee-making behemoths. A coffee maker can take up an entire counter, but how many cups are you planning to make at one time?

Even in a family of 5, only two of those are likely to be caffeine-addicted adults and they can take turns when a machine acts as quickly as this one. Who needs a commercial-sized machine or a $600 coffee maker, even if you entertain regularly? It would be cheaper to take out coffee for the whole gang unless you socialize all the time.

Nespresso Pixie

Pod Convenience

You don’t have to measure coffee grounds with the Nespresso Pixie. It uses a pod system like the Keurig and other similar devices. Fill the water tank. Press a button to lift the lid. Place a pod of your choice (select from numerous flavors) and push down firmly. Make sure your cup is underneath then press the button for power. Your espresso takes only slightly more time than pouring a glass of water. You don’t mess with measuring or filters. This really is the easiest way for a single individual to make coffee for one.

Pod Problems

There are several issues with pods. One is that they are environmentally unfriendly since each one ends up in landfill. Another is the expense. If you can pick up a refillable pod and add a scoop of coffee each time, then you get the beautiful flavor of espresso without the expense. But there’s a catch here. The Nespresso Pixie uses proprietary pods.

Saying that, there are probably compatible pods and refillable pods already out there and if there aren’t, it won’t be long before someone develops and markets them. You will still be drinking excellent coffee, just not Nespresso coffee. Moreover, not needing filters has to count for something. They would have created waste too; albeit, waste you could compost (if you have that option at your apartment building). Without filters and scoops you also experience fewer problems with clogging which can lead to waste, overflowing water, and a malfunctioning system.

Imagine that you stick with the proprietary Nespresso pods (available in several flavors), even after reusable ones come out. In the past you have forgotten to remove the used ones and the next person to use the machine was always frustrated by your forgetfulness. Not to worry: the Pixie uses an internal storage method. Lift up the flap to replace your pod with a new, fresh one, and the old pod will tumble into a container until you empty them out all at once. If the lid won’t shut, you know that particular job is overdue.

Customizable Settings

Choose how you want your coffee and how big a mug you plan to bring to work with you. There are 1, 2, and 3 ounce pours available for multiple shot sizes so you can go for a really strong cup of espresso or a weaker pour. Also, program the brew system to give you a weaker or a stronger cup of java. Select a big mug by flipping the drip tray to raise or lower it. With a pod machine there is little chance of creating overflow.

Convenient Features

Depending on the layout of your kitchen and where you keep the coffee maker, the water tank could be easy or difficult to access. Save yourself the trouble of taking the entire Pixie to your kitchen tap or spilling water everywhere as you try to fill it in situ. Just remove the tank: easy as that. That way you can also give it a thorough clean periodically.

Buttons are backlit so even if you’re fumbling in the dark to make your first cup of java and don’t feel like a sentient being yet, you will hit all the right buttons. Don’t worry if, in your fog, you forget to turn the machine off. There is a nine-minute automatic shut-off feature on the Nespresso Pixie.

Affordable Machine

Whereas a big machine is going to set you back several hundred dollars, the Nespresso Pixie costs around $250 if you don’t find a good sale price. The 19-bar system is pretty powerful considering its price. Consumers can also choose from a wide selection of colors, so the Pixie will match your current décor. Choose a metallic version, carmine (a deep shade of red), white, or black.

Finally – have you seen any of the Nespresso commercials? Some of our team enjoys watching the Penelope Cruz versions, while others of us enjoy the George Clooney, Matt Damon, and Danny DeVito versions. Here is a fun sampling of the commercials, courtesy of YouTube!