The Ooma Telo Solution To Phone Expenses

Who or what is Ooma? What is an Ooma Telo? This exotic-sounding name is actually your ticket to domestic freedom when it comes to phone charges. Ooma’s goal is to provide customers with high-quality connection to their loved ones without the costs associated with long-distance calls and high-tech devices. Pay less, receive more, and enjoy talking on the telephone again.

The Ooma Telo Solution

Ooma Telo is the name of a computerized system customers gain access to through a slick, black device. This item resembles an answering machine but more modern looking and slender. It does more and looks amazing in action.

Ooma Telo

The entire face is a screen with bright blue prompts against a black surface. With the Ooma Telo system, customers get more than they ever had with their regular answering machine. There are no more push-buttons that stick.

Special Features

These features include call waiting, ID blocking, and caller ID display. The Ooma Telo can store phone numbers to create an online phone book. Enjoy one-touch access to voicemail. Their system offers quality sound, is easy to set up, and connects to the computer so customers can log on and keep track of their calls. Send a fax and encrypt calls. You might have received some of these elements from an ordinary answering machine, but not all of them in one fancy package.

User-Friendly Phone Device

Although this is a unique system, it is easy to get started with online activation. No technician will visit your home. One of the many great things about the Ooma Telo home system is that you don’t have to give up your current landline phone number either: keep that and continue to make calls through your regular receiver, but with the Ooma Telo connected. This means you avoid the inconvenience of telling everyone about your new phone number.

All of this technology has to cost a lot of money, right? You would be wrong: the Ooma Telo system is designed to save you money. Technological advancements sometimes come with heavy price tags and consumers are willing to pay them.

In fact, there are many aspects of this system which home owners would expect to be charged a lot of money for: call waiting, caller ID, ID blocking, and others. Instead, here is the deal: you buy the system and pay applicable taxes; from then on in, all domestic calls are free of charge.

The Purpose of Ooma

That is the point of Ooma; to lower prices but not bring down quality. Voices will come across as clear as if you were in the same room with the speaker. You can’t put a price on this kind of clarity, especially when grandkids are talking with elderly, hearing-impaired grandparents several hundred miles away.

Ooma for the Office

Ooma has also released a box for commercial clients running small businesses. This is the Ooma Office. You do not require a special ID to get it set up. Businesses can create up to five telephone numbers or 15 virtual extensions. Features also include a virtual receptionist, playing music while customers are on hold, and conference calling.

Promises from Ooma

Here is your promise from Ooma: try the Ooma Telo for up to 30 days. If you are not satisfied within that time, send back the Ooma Telo and receive your money back. There is no risk to get started but a lot to be gained.

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