PARC Drone By Cyphy Works

PARC stands for Persistent Aerial Reconnaissance and Communications vehicle systems. This tool for what Cyphy Works describes as “aerial reconnaissance” is a high tech drone which provides high definition footage in whatever circumstances the user chooses. They add it to their list of robots for real world applications.

Persistent Stare

The PARC system can watch something for long periods of time and relay information remotely, thanks to a microfilament system. This makes the rugged PARC compact but versatile. To use the system, users require a Ground Control Station or GCS plus a VTOL vehicle: the two parts work together. A camera is mounted onto the PARC vehicle using gyro stabilization and communication devices are also installed. If this part is more important, the camera is removable.

High Altitude

As a flying machine, you can expect the PARC to quietly and stealthily reach dizzying heights but there are limits. Reach 500 feet without trouble over ground level. The highest density altitude is 10,000 feet for long-distance communication of images or sound carried by an Ethernet network via the microfilament system. There is nothing to match it. The PARC accepts both AC and DC input.

Powering Progress Remotely

A backup battery on-board assists the vehicle if power is interrupted from the ground. Otherwise, one should not expect problems with power supply. Expect the PARC to run for days without trouble, thanks to its versatility. Connect to a generator, a vehicle, or the power supply grid in order to provide 35W output.

Maintaining Security and Safety for Consumers on the Ground

The people who are most likely to utilize technology such as the PARC are in sensitive and volatile situations. Their safety is of the utmost importance, so the interception of images and audio from the PARC is a dangerous situation. Communication between PARC and GCS is completely secure. Cyphy Works asserts that nothing can jam or intercept messages assuming the PARC is spotted, hostile forces know what it is, and they determine what it does. Images are full frame, unbroken whether at night or by day. Night Vision is enabled to handle changes in light which would otherwise affect what is seen on camera.

More Specs on the PARC by Cyphy Works

At high altitudes temperatures will drop considerably, so the PARC is capable of withstanding a minimum of 0 or up to 120F. This prevents damage caused by freezing which could interfere with flight or communication and let others know a drone was in the air so operatives can’t be far behind. The rate of data upload is 10 Mbps.

About Cyphy Works

The team at Cyphy Works in Danvers, MA “loves technology.” They enjoy building extreme tools for niche markets. Cyphy Works begins their research with people and their needs. For instance, they look to the challenges faced by military personnel in hostile situations seeking better, safer data relay.

As they say at Cyphy Works their “practical robots [are] designed to help real world problems.” Design doesn’t come first: situations are researched and understood before robots are designed and built to meet the difficulties people face in specific situations.

Cyphy Works also makes a PocketFlyer: a compact drone that can go virtually anywhere but fits in a large pants pocket. Much of the technology matches that of the PARC but its range is 1,000 feet with full video and a smaller profile than the PARC. Flight time, however, is limited to 2 hours.

Visit the Cyphy Works website to learn about other robots and remotely-operated tools, how they are being used in real situations, and projects the company is involved in right now. Cyphy Works doesn’t just want to build cool machines; they aim to “transform lives.”