Salt Supply Co.

Adam Kennedy founded Salt Supply Co. so that Americans could keep their loved ones safe. They list a catalog of self-defense items that are technologically forward and easy to use. The company was founded after a personal event, when Kennedy and his wife moved from California to Chicago and bought their own home for the first time. A person was shot in their street and this violence changed how they perceived their home; their fortress. It wasn’t as safe as they had once thought.

Random Violence

Honeywell’s Global Vice President of Engineering and Adam Kennedy were neighbors and they were both rocked to their cores by the shooting. They decided to find a way to protect themselves and their families, but not guns. One needed training and these are frightening things as well.

Besides, you might have to kill someone and this was not okay with the Kennedy couple. There were also other defensive products which would make them feel safer, but not one of them was quite right. There had to be something that would stop violence from a safe distance. They spent weeks and months developing new products to provide safety from a distance before forming their company.

Easy and Safe

Salt’s new product would be a gun that did not have to hit the target and fired unconventional bullets powered by air. The first was for them; the next ones for those closest to them. Eventually, they made it their jobs to make guns that fired pepper spray. While the team stands behind this product, Kennedy and his partner are also in the process of developing new items.

The s1 Pepper Spray Gun in Yellow or Black

Kennedy’s guns are US-made, non-lethal self-defense tools. They fire what the site refers to as “Salt” rounds which are actually pellets full of pepper spray and tear gas. If someone breaks into your home and you fire this device, the person will become temporarily blind, have trouble breathing, and will not be able to function. You can now make your way out of the building and call for help.

Each kit comes with practice rounds so you know what it feels like to fire this thing before you actually need to. It also comes with Salt rounds, a case you can lock, and an instruction manual. The team designed their s1 Pepper Spray gun to be useful from a distance but it is also an offensive device one can apply at close range if necessary. Select Yellow or Black, whichever is easiest for you to spot in a dark cabinet or makes you feel most encouraged in a difficult situation.


Rounds break when they make contact and create a five-foot cloud of protection. The range is more than 150 feet which is more than ten times the ordinary range of a taser or pepper spray. The active substance is proven safe according to the Police, US Prisons, and the Military.

From the offender’s end, a hit by one of these is like getting whacked “by a 50mph fastball” according to the website. With a single CO2 cartridge which provides the energy, you can fire as many as 3 magazines of 7-rounds each: 21 shots total. Spray has a longer-than-normal shelf life of 5 years.


CO2 does not come with your kit. These cylinders contain 12g of CO2. Once they are punctured, they create a force of air to propel Salt bullets. A pack costs $8.99. Purchase a new magazine for $24.99 and keep it loaded with shots, ready to install at a moment’s notice.

More real shots are available for $49.99 or buy a box of practice shots for $34.99 for periodic use, just to remind yourself you can still fire this thing in the happy event you don’t need to use it.

A tactical flashlight will add the element of light to your defensive tactics: mount one to your pepper spray gun. The mount costs $18.60 and an MIX tactical flashlight is $65.

Here is a video demonstration: