Sonos Speakers: High Tech Sound

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The idea behind Sonos Speakers is to offer a HiFi sound system for digital music in a wireless format. All of your music is connected through a single app and played throughout the house or at work over a network dedicated to your playlist. Get rid of the wires and the many systems you operate at the same time to access your favorite music or radio broadcasts depending on your location. Check out the following products from Sonos.

Series of Speakers

The three products in this section are classified as Play:1, Play:3, and Play:5. Aside from growing in price and size, how else do they differ? Technologically they operate on the same principles. We’ll take a closer look.

Sonos Play 1Play:1 from Sonos Speakers

Two digital amplifiers power two speakers which can be moved anywhere in the house where there is a place to plug them in: bedrooms, the kitchen, the living room, or even your solarium. Apart from your internet wifi center that’s about all you need as far as cords and plugs go.

With a BRIDGE or BOOST, use Ethernet for connection to a DVR or game console. Enjoy music in areas with high humidity like the bathroom but don’t expose Sonos speakers to water.

Automatic Adjustment

Specialist technology allows the amplifiers to adjust automatically to the acoustics of a room (ceiling height, glass, wood, stone, etc.) Clear sound is created by the tweeter while a mid-woofer handles various frequencies from assorted instruments and voices. This is as authentic as sound can get without hiring performers to visit your home and play or run interviews right there.

Surround Yourself with Sound

If you want sound in stereo, place speakers at opposite ends of a room or bring a movie to life with sound all around. Although there are automatic adjustment features, consumers can also control volume, bass, and treble.

Pre-Loaded for Free

The Play:1 comes with free pre-loaded radio from the internet: 100,000+ stations airing music, podcasts, and more. Use digital controls to browse for Deezer, TuneIn, Google Play, iHeartRadio, and more. You never have to download anything either: this is a seamless system. Then again, if music is already stored on your home computer or iPhone, you can also access this via Sonos Play:1 speakers in any room, thanks to internet connection that unites devices.

Control Remotely

Aside from remote controls, there are top-mounted controls so you can play or pause music, skip tracks, or change volume. Set up the system from your Smartphone or computer otherwise. Controls work from any source: everything is connected, so you can locate a song from whichever device you are holding and play it wherever you are, securely. Automatic software updates will arrive regularly, so the machine can either update itself or the customer can apply changes.

Sonos Play 3Play:3 — the Sonos Update

The Play:1 is a two-speaker design with rich sound and is perfect if you live in a compact apartment or work in a small office. The Play:3 goes deeper and spreads wider. Enjoy a more fulfilling, enriched experience from three speakers placed further apart: on the top and bottom floor of your home perhaps.

They also create a deeper bass, so if you want to really fill a room with music (say you are running a fitness program for clients or hosting a party), the Play:3 takes you further and deeper than its smaller cousin for about $110 more ($329). Every other element of the system noted above remains the same: wireless connectivity, versatility, and quality.

Play:5 — Top Speakers from Sonos

For $549, you receive the ultimate Sonos experience. Six high-tech digital amplifiers have been connected to six speakers for sound your neighbors will hear about. Achieve that richness of bass but the clarity of individual frequencies produced by assorted brass, wind, string, and percussion instruments. Distortion is nil, even when volume is high. Only Rover or Fluffy might notice and that’s debatable.

Do the same thing as before, only doubled: take speakers into six parts of the house or building so your party can amble from basement to kitchen to games room, upstairs and downstairs. Guests at a gallery opening will be treated to soft orchestral music in every nook and cranny of a space as they gaze at contemporary paintings or photographs.

Again, the system automatically adjusts for acoustics including those high ceilings and cement walls/floors of old city factories rehabilitated as clubs, studios, and apartments. This could be the very last speaker system you ever need, plus it comes in two colors. Choose black or white to match your décor. Alternatively, you’ll love your Sonos system so much you might redecorate everything to match your new speakers.

Order from Sonos Online

Sonos speakers can be purchased directly from the company over the internet. Visit their website to view other products like the home theater system and accessories. Here you will find the Play Bar, Sub-Woofer for extra bass, and connectivity equipment like the Boost.