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WOW! This is FABULOUS! Introducing “One Earth Design,” the creators of the absolutely wonderful solar-powered grill called the “SolSource!” They began doing this because they have a mission to create products top really help people everywhere live sustainably within the resources of our one planet Earth.

The award-winning SolSource gets heated up a good five times faster than a charcoal grill and it will cook a yummy meal in about 10-20 minutes. You’ll see that it has high-performance reflector technology – this is truly part of the next evolution of solar cooking.

They developed SolSource first to help ease the poverty for the nomad populatiuon in the Himalayas, but they’re here in the US now – and we are extremely proud to include One Earth Designs and SolSource among the products we promote. See our listings here, or check them out at here!
Solar Grill

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