The Swingshot Cyclops Pro Golf Camera Review

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Swingshot Cyclops Pro Golf Camera reviewAsk any professional golfer on the circuit – both men’s and women’s – and they’ll all agree that a golfer’s best or worst tool is not his (or her) club but his swing. How does we really know what our swing looks like until we see it in action? Just because it feels good doesn’t mean much and it is difficult for someone to describe his or her friend’s swing. What it turns out that we really needs is a camera, like the Cyclops Pro.

Mid-Tier Product

Swingshot describes this as their mid-range camera which records video and sound in high definition at resolution of 720p/60fps or 1080/30fps. The Swingshot Cyclops Pro allows amateur golfers to analyze their swing the way pros do whether they are trying to get out of a bunker, swing their way out of the rough, or taking a smooth shot along the open fairway. This is a great way to prevent many of those embarrassing moments on or off the green; the ones you laugh about at the club bar after but would prefer to do without. Build a winning swing just by analyzing your mistakes. This could also prevent golfer’s injuries developed when the swing goes horribly wrong.

Light Camera - See Your Real SwingWhen you want a light tool, this is it: a durable but user-friendly item you just aim and click. It doesn’t care about weather, even the mic which sits on top of a shaft measuring 3 feet. The camera comes with a turf spike made from stainless steel, complementing the durability of your camera with its non-corrosive stability. There is also a GPS element to the camera which is accurate to within 3 feet so you can coordinate a day’s worth of recordings. And, ladies and gentlemen, don’t even try to pretend it’s not true: we all love GPS.

Long-life Battery

Since the Cyclops Pro uses GPS, this can eat away at battery power, so you need a long-life cell. This one is rated 2100mAh, is rechargeable, and comes with an AC adapter and a USB cable so golfers can transfer video to the TV or a handheld device and watch the video over and over. As a guy writing this review, I’m the first one to admit that we men like to tackle our sporting performance from all angles after all. It’s a great way to have the couch all to ourselves. The wife can only take so much (unless she’s a golfer too, in which case, this could become a VERY interesting evening indeed! Who gets to analyze whose swing and give advice? Hmmm?) Sorry ladies! I’m only kidding! Sort of… But, if you’re going to help me analyze my swing, then it’s only fair that I get to analyze yours too!

Anyway, back to the Cyclops. (By the way, it’s available at and you get FREE SHIPPING in the US and a 30-day Risk-Free Trial! You can’t lose with this.)

LED Design

The LED screen on your Cyclops Pro is really bright to mitigate the darkness of a day when the clouds are rolling in. Use it to scroll through a menu which includes modes such as Scenic, Lesson, and Course. The device offers a memory of 8GB, so it is meant to be used and viewed, not kept for posterity. You can record as many as 244 swings in up to 2 hours or over 2 hours of constant recording with 7 ½ hours of standby power. Divided by 18 holes, that’s roughly 13 shots per hole. Heaven help you if that’s what you need: maybe your friend could use some analysis of his swing too.

More from Swingshot

The Cyclops also comes in two other configurations. There is the Basic Cyclops for $199.99 and the Cyclops+ for $399.99 with the Cyclops Pro in the middle at $299.99, available online. Customers can easily compare how they perform using the chart profiling all three products online. The original features half the memory as a removable disk and no Geo-Tagging. The top model boasts a wireless private network, standard and wireless battery time, and an app for your iOS or Android phone.

Finally – little sales pitch here: For the golfer, what better gift? It’s perfect for any gift-giving occasion, whether it be a birthday, Christmas, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, or for the graduate. Check out the video demo below, and then…

Get the Swingshot Cyclops or Cyclops Pro at:

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