Sunglasses For Men

Your eyes have to last a lifetime, but they are subjected to many rigors during day to day activities. While you drive a car, take part in athletics, or just walk down the road, they are assaulted by the sun. Even on grey days you would be surprised how many UV rays are making their way through. Protect eyes with effective, attractive sunglasses. If you are shopping for winter or summer eye wear right now, here are some thoughts to keep in mind.

Suitable Shape

Everyone’s face can be categorized as roughly a particular shape: heart, round, rectangular, or oval, for instance. That shape determines which sort of sunglasses look best. You might not care, in which case the shape of eye wear you choose is determined entirely by aesthetic preference, but if issues like this matter, check out a few pairs in various shapes to see what you think. When setting issues of color and price aside for the time being, you notice that certain styles are particularly flattering.

The “cat’s eye” type boasts inwardly tilted lenses. Wayfarer sunglasses with a solid frame and light Aviators made popular by the American Air Force and movies like Top Gun. Round lenses, square lenses, rim-free and partially-rimmed lenses also affect shape and how weighty a pair of glasses appears on one’s face.

Color Coding

Frames are available in assorted shades but the most popular ones are brown, grey, and black. Blue, silver, green, white, orange, and other hues also turn up, but designers and manufacturers prefer neutral, popular styles. A specific tint could be grey, blue, or brown. Finally, your regular glasses can become sunglasses if you order a photocromatic pair. This term refers to lenses which get darker while exposed to the sun. Just keep out the UV rays and your eyes will thank you.

Where Will You Wear Them?

Certain brands and models are designed with athletes in mind. They are cyclists or runners usually and require accessories to remain fixed to their faces when jarred. Nose pads and arms must be flexible, adjustable, yet comfortable while staying firmly in place.

Brands on the Market

Some well known labels are Ray-Ban, Maui Jim, Gucci, and Oakley. Julbo Trek, Spy Optic, and Rudy Project are also big with male customers. Spend between $25 and $250 on good, protective models that will stop UV rays from making their mark on or around your eyes.

Best Sunglasses for Men

Here are some of the top types of sunglasses men should watch out for. They are sold in stores (fashion outlets, department stores, designer boutiques) and online. Trying them before buying, however, is recommended just to establish proper fit.

Maui Jim’s Rimless sunglasses are lovely, light items you will forget are on your face. Polarized lenses stop glare from blinding you during a walk, in the garden, or as you take a country drive.

Select Ray Ban items in almost any shape or style. The Wayfarer is still among the most popular and iconic, and is also wide enough to keep rays out from the side.

Oakley charges around $180 for a pair of semi-rimless glasses. Straight bottomed lenses provide a sharp edge, ideal for someone with especially rounded features.

In the High Performance Sports department there are Julbo Trek sunglasses. They don’t just block the sun’s rays: they also keep out wind, dust, and debris as you race along a mountain trail on your bike or go for a climb on a sunny day. Detachable shields give you even more options. They can be adjusted for security, are photocromatic, and will not fog up due to changes in humidity. Julbo Trek sunglasses are white and green with a wrap-around style.

The Spy Optic Screw is fog-free, impact-resistant, and can be used with interchangeable lenses if you desire. They are also shatter-proof. Rubber temple pads and comfortable nose pads keep glasses in place if you are running and trip on a branch, you crash your bike, or sweat is running down your face.

The Rudy Project’s super-light Hypermask provides wide coverage too with green lenses and a white frame. The nose area is adjustable and again there are pads at the temple for comfort and to keep frames securely across your eyes. They offer heat and impact resistance plus polarized lenses, of course.

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