Vapor Products And Electronic Cigarettes

By now, everyone knows that e cigs are here to stay, no matter what the FDA and various governing bodies do or say. There’s no getting away from the impact they are having on society and the tobacco industry.

Big Tobacco is suffering; people’s health is improving. Can the stats get any better? Actually, there is another benefit to the e cig industry, one you see among other small businesses; a chance for regular people to make money.

Small Players, Big Industry

Even though the entire e cig industry has grown and spread to encompass many fields and employ thousands of people, it is made up of small firms. These are not corporations with thousands of people working like bees in a hive.

Employees are often called upon to fill multiple roles including that of advertising. This isn’t their specialty and the cost of advertising is too much for many little businesses to engage fully in multi-media marketing.

Enter the Affiliate

Meanwhile, customers who used to smoke are always telling their friends about how great e cigs are. They can’t say enough good things and frequently act as advertisers without knowing it. A lot of diet programs and weight loss supplements are advertised in the same way: via word of mouth.

Conscious Commitment

What if you could take a happy client and turn him or her into a committed but conscious advertiser for your brand? That would be a win-win situation. The individual is already vaping with your product and has good things to say.

In return for doing so, the company provides a financial incentive. The more effective a client is at promoting the business, the more money both parties stand to make. There isn’t a down-side to this kind of arrangement.

Special People

You would think every vaper would sign up to become an affiliate on those terms, but there is work to be done. Affiliates don’t stock or sell items directly and they don’t exchange money with new customers drawn to their websites and blogs.

Affiliates do one thing: they promote, and they have to be good at doing that if the affiliate arrangement is going to work for them and the host company. That’s why e cig firms usually vet applicants.

They want to know their marketers can offer internet platforms like blogs related to smoking cessation, e juice, the vaping controversy, or something else related to their business. Letting just anyone promote the name of an e cig brand could be disastrous if that person gives the company a bad reputation.

Allowing backlinks on multiple sites with no connection to vaping, for example, could cause a brand name to be penalized by Google’s search engine ranking algorithm.

How Vapor Affiliate Programs Work

An affiliate is given a personalized code which is built into banners and connected to backlinks on their sites or for use on forums. When someone clicks this link, he is led to the website of an e cig or e juice company.

If this connection leads to a sale, the affiliate is credited a percentage of that sale. If not, the affiliate earns nothing. Usually, one must be credited a minimum amount of $50 or $100 before being paid in cash, not in store discounts.

Choosing a Company

How does a consumer choose which vapor affiliate program to partner with? If he has access to Google Analytics, it is possible to discover which firms enjoy the best conversion rates. This is the number of hits which lead to sales.

Traffic alone won’t tell you what you need to know. Also, the percentage received plus any provisos should be considered. By that, I mean you might only receive a percentage of sales on starter kits but not accessories, so find out before you sign up — which should cost nothing.

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