Does Drinking Half Your Bodyweight In Water Every Day Make Difference?

I’ve recently started drinking half my bodyweight in water every day. I’m creating this post for one, to add to my own personal commitment to keep it up, and also to report any results I am noticing.

Firstly, I have fallen short on a few days, as I am a few weeks in.

The first thing I observed is that I don’t drink as much water as I should for certain.

Tip For Having The Water Ready

What I have figured out is the amount of water that is about half my bodyweight, and I put it out on the counter first thing in the morning.

Of course, working at home allows me to do this, and so stay at home dads and moms will be able to do this, along with anyone who works from home.

Obviously, if you work in an office you’ll need to figure out a similar method.

But either way, I find doing this first thing, and placing them somewhere you will see them throughout the day (if possible) helps me to remember.

Easiest Water To Chug

This is one of the things I have noticed by trying various types of water. Personally I have been drinking all bottled water. I don’t know what it is exactly, but some waters are significantly easier for me to slam down, which for me works best.

Here is my list so far of the easiest water to chug:

  1. Trader Joe’s Mountain Spring Water

TJ's water

This is the easiest water to chug of the ones I have tried. Don’t you love how they sell them for 17 cents per bottle?

2. Fiji Water (just about like Trader Joe’s)

3. Market Pantry Purified Drinking Water from Target.

4. Poland Springs (this is not as easy to chug).

Benefits, Results and Side Effects

Ok, I have not noticed a whole lot yet, although there are a couple things.

One thing is my weight has gone down a little. I have been consistently 2 lbs under where I have been lingering for a number of months, after about a week in.

Easier To Bend Forwards When Sitting

I noticed that my stomach is not quite as uncomfortable when I sit down to tie by shoes at the gym. I had a bit of pressure from this making it hard to breathe, and I would literally need to sit up for a second to take a breath to tie the other shoe.

I was able to tie both without needing to sit up, as I could breath while leaning forwards tying my shoes, and it just felt like less pressure overall, significantly so. I don’t know exactly why, but my sense is that in addition to perhaps my stomach shrinking a little, perhaps my internal organs are a little more at ease from the estra water. I have read similar things in articles about drinking more water, where people are actually less bloated.

I will be updating this page with anything else I notice as time goes on, along with any other tips or insights.

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