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Not every parent has the knack for creativity. Ideas look good in books or Pinterest, but try putting them to into practice and the process becomes too confusing. The desired result resembles an explosion at a glue factory. That’s why Kiwi Crate is such a great product. You know your kids better than anyone and what they might be interested in; the projects that would engage them. Sandra at Kiwi Crate looks after everything else.

What is Kiwi Crate?

A trend has begun in the USA whereby consumers can do-it-themselves while skipping step one: buying the materials they need. This goes for subscriptions like the Meal Time Box but also a lot of small craft and household projects one can purchase at DIY, craft, and hardware stores. The makers of a “box” put together everything you need: paper and glue; ingredients for soup; nuts, bolts, hinges, and wood to make a jewelry box. Consumers still do all the work without having to figure out where they buy all the stuff they need. That first step is often daunting enough to put paid to any inspired crafting, gift-building, or meal making.


First of all, it is tempting when you are confused or short on time to skip a step which turns out to be crucial. Another temptation is swapping the ideal ingredients or material for whatever you have lying around. The result isn’t quite what you expected and that is a discouraging waste of time and money.

Kiwi Crate is a great idea because it is fast, convenient, and you don’t have to go shopping at all. Order a single box, monthly shipments, or even pick one out as a gift any time of day or night over the internet. These make practical gift-giving ideas for friends with children or can be sent directly to children who love to build and create. The crates grow with a child too; they become more complex and rewarding as children’s expectations also become sophisticated. Parents could even argue that the contents complement school work, especially fine arts and sciences.


There aren’t a lot of negatives in a product like this one. It can be cost effective if you stick with the brand, but expensive if you don’t. Also, Kiwi Crate is only worthwhile if you plan to follow through. Finally, the craft has been structured so this might seem creatively limiting, but anyone who thinks this way would buy her own materials and build the project independently anyway. For a newbie to the craft scene, this product has a lot going for it and is bound to continue growing. As it grows, so will the opportunities.

Kiwi Approach

At Kiwi Crate, several people are involved in creating boxes and they aren’t necessarily professionals with degrees in engineering or teaching. Parents take part in curating the boxes and youngsters try them out. Consumers who would potentially use these DIY items have the final say about what will or will not work. With this sensible approach, Kiwi Crate has grown from a mother’s kitchen table to an online store.

Types of Boxes

The Kiwi Crate concept is divided by age starting with the smallest kids and moving up to teens. The four brands are Koala, Kiwi, Doodle, and Tinker Crates, each of which represents a particular type of exercise and age. Koalas are preschoolers learning through play which is the best way to become students without really knowing it. Kiwis enjoy learning that doesn’t have to go anywhere in particular; their crafts are more about getting their hands dirty and experimenting with materials, although each box comes with a precise project which does possess practical purpose. At the Doodle level, you see tweens exploring art and developing their skills in this area. Crates come with progressive materials to build on a student’s knowledge and abilities. The fourth crate is designed for the oldest group, teens who want to create stuff they can use; items that move or light up or both. These bring science and mechanics to life. Crates arrive with materials, instructions, and a magazine for further craft-related reading.

Kiwi Costs

A crate starts at $24.98 for one shipment. This is the way to go if you just want a kick-start into the world of crafting. After seeing how it is done, you can take the reins from here and build your own box of crafting or engineering goodies. If you are challenged in this regard, but appreciate the value of projects like the ones you see at Kiwi Crate, sign up for a monthly subscription. This will give you and your little ones something to look forward to. The cost per box is reduced when you subscribe for multiple months of fun.

Obviously, buying or finding these goods and tools you need without relying on a service of this kind is cheaper. That’s fine if you know what to look for or ideas pop out at you all the time because that’s the way your creative mind works. If not, there are ways to save. One way is to sign up for a newsletter which will be delivered electronically. This works like a coupon so that customers receive a discount on their first order. Also, shipping is free, so there is another fee you don’t have to factor into the cost.

Has someone given you a gift card? Use this to get to know the company. At the same time, your friend could get a discount for referring you to this e-Commerce shop. Finally, affiliates with a strong creative bent who know how to sell the joy of crafting and building with kids will have the opportunity to promote the brand and make some money. Affiliates need a website, so if you like the Kiwi Crate concept and already run a crafting blog, name this company in your next article and provide a link after you have signed up to earn commission with Kiwi Crate.


This is an ingenious idea from a mom with two children. She took the “work from home” model and turned it into something unique. Her motif is a flightless kiwi bird, but she gave it wings to fly.

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