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The Dr. Schulze range of natural supplements is the brainchild of Dr. Richard Schulze, who developed his brand and products in order to give ordinary Americans an alternative to spending their life savings on expensive medical treatments. His aim was to ensure that people remain healthy by taking the right supplements and eating the right foods.

Dr. Schulze himself was diagnosed with a serious medical condition in his youth, declining the expensive surgery that doctors told him was his only option, and instead began exploring the alternative remedies that are found in nature.

Training with some of the world’s foremost experts, Dr. Schulze learned all he could about natural medicine to improve his own health. He then used this information to open his own natural medicine clinic in the 1970s and to develop the Dr. Schulze range of natural supplements.

It wasn’t until the “early 2000’s” (already seems like a long time ago!) that I, personally discovered Dr. Schulze’s message. When someone with a level head (versus hype) explains various alternatives to the standard western ways of treating symptoms, it’s easier for me to listen and learn. I instantly felt like he was onto something, and soon purchased 2 of what have probably become known as flagship products for him:

Dr. Schulze’s supplements owe their success to the high standards their creator learned in treating himself and others, only using the purest herbs with no chemicals added to any of the products. By only using organic ingredients, Dr. Schulze has increased the potency of his supplements; organic food has been found to contain more nutritional benefit than the chemically farmed alternatives. There is no skimping on ingredients, and no short-cuts taken in the creation of remedies to ensure that users get the maximum benefit.

The supplements which have been created by Dr. Schulze after his lifetime of experience have been split into roughly four categories labeled nutrition, eliminate, detox and immune. The nutrition products include Dr. Schulze’s Superfood range, powders and tablets taken daily which contain 100% of recommended daily intake (RDI) of Vitamins A, B, C, E and Vitamin B12.

The Superfood range also includes bars which you can eat while on the go, in both Original and Apple and Cinnamon Crunch flavors. There are even superfood tablets for children which are smaller and easier to swallow, which contain all the vitamins in the adult version as well as being 40% protein.

In recent years, he has added the following to his product line as well:

As a quick note before I forget – in the past several years, I’ve noticed Dr. Schulze looking a lot more svelte than when I first began reading his books and newsletters. He was a bit more “portly” earlier on, and now he looks a lot slimmer! Perhaps he actually practices what he preaches.

Anyway, the “eliminate” category features bowel cleansers which you take every day in tablet or powder form. These help to expel toxins from the gut and to cleanse and detoxify your digestive system. They also stimulate the natural muscular movement of the intestine.

Dr. Schulze also produces a range of detox products, which can help users to get their system clear of toxins and working healthily and effectively once again. While you can get some of these on, others seem to only be available at his official site, – and here is his link to his “Author Page” at Amazon: page Richard Schulze

Detox plans range from the 24-hour bowel detox to the full 30-day detox plan, which features products to help cleanse your liver, kidneys and bowel. These detox products use a mixture of powders, capsules, Dr. Schulze’s own detox formula and tasty herbal teas to help your body get back on an even keel.

There is also a range of supplements available from Dr. Schulze to help boost your body’s own natural defenses against cold and flu germs and other infections. The Echinacea Plus, taken daily, helps to boost your body’s defenses but can also be taken to treat the symptoms of cold and flu and help your body fight off infections. Scientifically proven to increase the number of immune cells in the body, Echinacea Plus is an effective way to prevent and treat infections in one product.

Echinacea is the primary ingredient in Dr. Schulze’s Cold and Flu Shot, along with almost 20 other natural herbs and spices. Take it at the first sign of a cold and it will help your body to fight off the infection, helping you too feel better faster. Combine Echinacea Plus with Dr. Schulze Vitamin C supplements to give yourself the best possible chance of fighting off germs before they make you feel ill.

If you are just starting out on your bid to become more naturally healthy, the Dr. Schulze Starter Kit is the perfect way to begin. Containing everything you need to cleanse your body and restore yourself to good natural health, it is ideal for those who want to feel better but are not sure how to go about it.

If you have a more serious health condition, the Incurables Program features the whole range of Dr. Schulze detox products in one, as well as Superfood capsules and additional supplements to boost your body’s defenses and help you deal with whatever health problems you are facing.

This Program does not come cheaply, but it is impossible to put a price on good health — and it is certainly cheaper than the expensive medical bills that are the alternative if your condition becomes worse.

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