Sunglasses For Women

You only get one set of eyes, so they must be protected whenever you are exposed to strong sunlight. This could be during summer or winter; from the glare of sun against snow or water. Any day is a good day to cover your eyes with sunglasses. Here are some ideas to help women protect their eyes stylishly.

sunglassesConsider Shape

Face shape should help a woman determine the style of sunglasses she wants to wear. Although a lot of shopping is conducted online, internet stores of any quality provide some recommendations about which styles suit particular face shapes.

Be realistic about your face and love it for the shape it is, complementing its strengths with a fashionable but practical piece of eye wear. Some of the styles to consider include “cat’s eye” which are tilted like the eyes of a cat, Jackie-O emulating Jackie Kennedy’s style with solid rims and a solid bridge, Wayfarer sunglasses, and Aviators.

If your face is already wide, you want a shape which produces an elongating effect, while a long, sharp face requires something to soften the look. A too-soft or chubby face might benefit from half-rimmed lenses featuring a straight-edged bottom.

Think about Color

Another consideration is color: that is, what sort fits your personality, skin coloring, hair, and clothing? It’s likely that if these are fashion sunglasses rather than prescription lenses, a woman will own at least two pairs; one for driving, another for sports, walking, or gardening. Even if you own a pair of rimless glasses, there are still tints to choose and half-rimmed glasses provide another choice as well. Grey, blue, and brown lenses are all attractive.

What’s the Purpose?

Are you planning to wear sunglasses on a run, while cycling, or behind the wheel of a car? Sports glasses or those suitable for exertion should grip your nose and cling firmly but comfortably behind your ears. They are probably adjustable in both places.

Brands of Sunglasses

The best-known and most popular brand of sunglasses is Ray-Ban. This iconic label is attached to virtually every shape and rim style mentioned above and many colors are represented by their brand too. Designers responsible for couture fashion and accessories like Prada and Gucci also make sunglasses while Smith Optics, Costa, and Maui Jim are names you will encounter. Department and discount stores sell less expensive brands, but you can expect to pay anything from $20 to $200 for a good pair of protective eyewear. Make sure any sort you choose will protect your eyes against UV rays.

Best Sunglasses

The top names in sunglasses for women include the following, which is not a comprehensive list but a taster of what there is out there in a wide range of prices (from about $60 to $260).

Maui Jim Breakwell rimless sunglasses are durable and light and there is a version for men as well. Couples can wear matching sunglasses from this label.

The Costa Peninsula is a scratch-resistant pair of sunglasses made with polycarbonate lenses, lighter and sturdier than glass. Spring hinges are made of stainless steel which is a tough material and does not corrode. Nose pads prevent glasses from slipping and lenses are polarized to protect against glare, which is ideal for driving or riding a bicycle.

Smith Optics makes several shapes of protective eyewear. Their impact-resistant model comes in two colors, is polarized, and the frame is light. They also employ nose pads for comfort and security.

Try Coyote Eyewear: these are bifocal sunglasses designed for someone whose vision needs some assistance. While they optimize vision, these accessories are also light and polarized for comfort in strong sunlight as a woman drives, tries to read a map from the passenger seat, or attempts to swing her golf club for a hole in one while driving into the sun.

Ray-Ban makes light Aviator sunglasses, heavier Wayfarer versions, and a mid-level style as well. Their Jackie Ohh type is wide across the face to protect eyes laterally, not just from the front. Consumers should check that eye wear will do this for them since this is a sneaky way for UV rays to get in and cause burning or sun spots to occur on delicate skin around eyes, but can also affect the eyes themselves.

Shop for the Best

Good prices are available over the internet. It’s best, though, to try on your sunglasses to be sure they feel comfortable before paying for them.

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