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Survival On The Cutting Edge With Survival Frog

Preppers are always ready for a cataclysmic event: a solar flare, forest fire evacuation, or a major flood, for instance. They know what to do when an emergency arises and people have to get out of their homes or are stranded in uncivilized conditions off the grid, away from amenities and infrastructure. Some communities are always on standby because of likely natural disasters. They would even be able to cope if all their modern conveniences disappeared. Just for fun, preppers can take their survival skills into the wilderness and enjoy a camping adventure with the whole family. Survival Frog accommodates survivalist needs but is also there for people who love adventure.

What is Survival Frog?

Survival Frog is a company from Denver, Colorado, which specializes in e-tail sales of survival and camping gear. They carry a wide assortment of tools, food, first-aid equipment, and more. The company guarantees customer satisfaction with a low-price promise and a 6-month no-quibble return policy. Their website is well-organized to showcase products by category and sub-category, brand, or price. Choose products by Gerber, Nexis, Boker, or Spyderco among others. Search for food, emergency kits, gadgets, and water filtration.

Survive for Longer

At Survival Frog there are short-term kits like a 72-hour bundle for managing without basic services in the short term. The company also sells equipment to help consumers survive for longer without essentials. For instance, Survival Frog sells a seed kit to get you started on a garden and self-sufficient living in the future. Tools such as saws, axes, and shovels make it possible to create large shelters, manage basic hygiene, cut down trees for wood to make fire for warmth and cooking, and to cut rope or conduct first aid. A pop-up tent, however, would provide makeshift shelter for a long time too.

Prevent diseases and treat illness or injury with first aid and hygiene kits. Water filtration could become a necessity quickly. Buy a large first aid kit with tweezers, special knives, and numerous types of bandages to deal with large-scale needs for people or pets. Don’t forget to buy a backpack or bag to put all your gear in.

Long-term foods from Lindon Farms will last for many months or even years without refrigeration. Put out pesky fires to ensure the survival of your equipment in extreme conditions.

Many things sold at Survival Frog are designed to be as light and compact as possible. Customers anticipate having to carry them around with use of a vehicle.

Remember to Communicate

If there is a flood and you have to leave your home, loved ones and emergency services want to know where you went. They might just want to know you are okay or you could be in need of assistance. Open lines of communication with the outside world using a wind-up or solar-powered radio. Look for brands like Guardian, Katio, and New Millennium Concepts.

Educate the Unwary

Many people are intrigued by the idea of extreme survival but don’t know where to start. Survival Frog offers education online. Find out the idea behind “preppers” and how they prepare for survival.

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