Southwestern-Style Scrambled Eggs With Pico De Gallo And Sausage Links

This is just what I was in the mood for this morning, and so I took a couple of pics so I could add this to our recipe section at MyFavDeals ๐Ÿ™‚

Actually, I was initially just in the mood for sausage and eggs, and I wondered what I would make from what I have in the fridge.

Here’s what it looked like:

Southwestern-Style Scrambled Eggs With Pico De Gallo And Sausage Links

This may not sound like your typical combination, but if you like Southwest flavors, and Pico De Gallo, you’ll probably enjoy this.

I looked in the fridge, originally thinking I would add sauteed peppers and onions to the scrambled, and decided this would do.

Having worked in kitchens for some time, I typically multi-task, and do it as efficiently as possible, especially if I am hungry like today.

First Step:

Turn oven on to 350 Degrees.

Add Jimmy Dean sausage links to a cold, clean, dry pan and turn on the heat.

I used these (from Target):

Jimmy Dean Fully Cooked Sausage Links

(By the way, if you are looking for a tasty sausage, these are amazing in my opinion, maybe my favorite of anything I have tasted).

Turn it to low as soon as it starts sizzling.

Next Steps (while sausage is cooking):

  • Have a chunk of Cheddar and a grater, or fresh grated cheddar (Or Monterey Jack if you prefer for Southwestern).
  • Mix Pico De Gallo pre-cut mix from Target in a bowl. I added a pinch of Cumin, and the Trader Joe’s Garlic Seasoning, and cracked multi-color peppercorns, and squeeze the juice of the lime from the Target Mix.
  • While doing this, turn the sausages in between with tongs to brown all sides.
  • Crack 4 Eggs In Bowl, and add a few twists of Trader Joe’s Garlic Seasoning
  • Create a rectangle of tin foil (folded over twice, edges bent up).
  • Place browned sausages on foil, and carefully place in oven
  • Add eggs to the pan with the Sausage Grease (Totally optional yummy option).
  • Add a few twists of trader Joe’s Garlic Seasoning To Eggs, and mix a few times, and add a handful of shredded cheese as they are almost finished.
  • Mix one more time, and shut heat off.
  • Remove Sausages from oven and place on plate.
  • Put a spoonful of Pico De Gallo, or however much you like.

(I had some leftover too):

Pico De Gallo

Spoon the scrambled eggs on the plate. Top Eggs with shredded cheese and lightly chopped Cilantro.





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