A Review of the Wholetones Healing Frequencies Project

Passionate post warning! In this Wholetones review, I don’t hold back. First, I purchased Wholetones myself. That is, I didn’t get it for free in exchange for anything. So there was no feeling like I had to say anything biased. I just tell it like I see it – and I LOVE IT! So, let’s get started, and take a good look at the Wholetones Healing Frequencies Music Project.

My Wholetones Review – Heart-felt and REAL

The idea of sound therapy and healing has resonated with me for years. There is no pun intended, but even the word “resonate” has deep meaning to me. So, because this is of great interest to me personally, I thought that perhaps readers and users of our MyFavDeals website who are into self-development and alternative and natural healing might also be intrigued.

Perhaps this is the first time you’ve heard about the idea of healing frequencies. Or, perhaps you’ve already happened upon the official Wholetones Amazon storefront (which, as of 2024, is no longer available). Regardless, if you’re thinking of investing in the Wholetones audio system, but you’re looking for some more information before you part with your hard-earned cash, then this review was written for you.

In particular, I’m highlighting some of the key features offered by this program. I take a closer look at some of the genuine feedback from real users, too. And if you want to read something from one of my own experiences with sound and frequency, you can read that story here. :) 

What is Wholetones?

At its core, the Wholetones system is a comprehensive audio package created by musician and inspired human Michael Tyrrell that’s designed to improve your natural healing abilities with the use of specific sounds and frequencies. If you have ever heard of the Solfeggio Frequencies – or even if you haven’t – this is a series of sound frequencies that are sometimes claimed to have been “lost” over the course of centuries. Some believe that they bring blessings and healings when they were performed during religious services in ancient times.

Gregorian chants are sometimes said to have used these frequencies (before Pope Gregory got a hold of it, that is. Michael reviews this topic in his book at length.). Now, in theory, each sound frequency acts on specific areas of our lives to heal and or restore.

Some of the Solfeggio Frequencies Used

In Wholetones, the full package consists of seven beautiful and unique songs recorded in seven unique frequencies. These are: 396Hz, 417Hz, 444Hz, 528Hz, 639Hz, 741Hz & 852Hz. If you buy the physical package, these are on a total of seven CDs.

Michael explains that each frequency will affect a different part of us. For example, if you are listening to a song with a frequency of 417Hz, you might experience increased energy levels, as well as productivity and creativity. With Michael’s song called Desert Sojourn, which is at 417Hz, I feel like I could work all day with no problem.

Coincidence? Who can say for sure? I love it. That’s all I know, and I feel good – so that’s all I care about.

The total listening time is about 2½ hours (if you run through all 7 tracks). To give you an idea of the sound in each of these pieces, Michael Tyrrell made a YouTube sample video. In it, they  play a sample of each song. This way you can hear the tones and example of the type of music you’ll be listening to if you should decide to buy.

If you like the samples, I know you’ll like the whole set! Here is the video sample (review continues below):

Of course, the more skeptical person might believe these claims to be highly suspicious. But, there’s a growing body of scientific evidence to show these methods can have a genuinely positive effect on someone’s ability to heal and recover from a variety of injuries and chronic pain issues. Why not try it and judge for yourself?

More about Michael Tyrrell, the man behind the product…

Wholetones Interview with Michael TyrrellUpdated March 2023: Michael Tyrrell was a well-renowned author, speaker, and musician – who long held a fascination with the unique healing properties of certain types of music and frequency. His work with Christian musician Mylon LeFefevre won a Grammy award some time in the 1980s. We received word that Michael passed away in November, 2022.

But, even more importantly (to me, at least), Michael Tyrrell was a lover of God and all that is good. He was been blessed with an extraordinary gift and passion to use his talent and compassion to create a love-filled, healing product to bring hope, relief, and personal growth to us.

He had first stumbled upon this whole idea when he had taken on work as an associate pastor for his church, and began to suffer from a bizarre illness (which he did recover from).

Michael Tyrrell Interview

Rather than my just reiterating everything about him, if you would be willing to listen to the interview with Michael that I have posted below this article, you might better understand what I mean about him, and his whole project. (at about minute 20:25 he explains how the project came to be).

Note that this is an interview with a Christian slant since this is a big part of where Michael was coming from – but you do not have to be of the Christian faith to benefit from Wholetones. Perhaps this will make the same kind of connection for you as it did me.

If so, I think you might be someone who will also love Wholetones for your own life – and for your whole family and circle of friends as well. It’s the type of music that you could be playing in the background at any office!

Anyway, his intense interest in this topic led him to research a variety of different ways to deliver these healing powers through sound, and the result was his discovery of 7 of these key ‘secret’ or ‘lost’ frequencies which have the most powerful effect. The Wholetones system is his delivery of these frequencies in a precise and powerful way – in order to give listeners the best healing potential possible.

What do you get when you buy Wholetones?

When it comes to purchasing Wholetones, you have a few options available to you. Here’s the rundown – which includes some great new releases Michael has had since I initially purchased my own set! (Note, I’m updating this post in March 2018, because Michael has done a LOT since I originally wrote this!)

  • Wholetones Album on 7 CDs, plus you get his book, “The Sound of Healing” along with the digital download.
  • You can get “Wholetones 2Sleep” which, as you might guess from the title, includes music to help you get a better night’s sleep.
  •  Wholetones Christmas Volume 1 – exactly what you might imagine. Wonderful traditional Christmas music, only produced in the healing frequencies that Wholetones has become known for.
  • Wholetones Chroma – this is not only the music, but ALSO harmonics of frequencies in LIGHT!

What are people (other than me) saying?

Of course, you now know what I’m saying since this is my Wholetones review –  and I’m saying it’s amazing. Of course in fairness, I’m also promoting it. Hopefully you won’t let my biased opinion distract you. If I didn’t just love this, there is no way I would be featuring it on our website.

This is a product that speaks to me at one of the deepest levels of my being. I’ve loved music all my life. I used to play piano by ear before I even knew what a “piano” really was. If we were at a neighbor’s house and they had a piano, I was completely drawn to it. I would plunk away at notes that just sounded good. It is part of who I am, and there is no denying that I fully know, deep, deep in my heart, that Michael Tyrrell is on to something very big.

I got chills when, in his interview below (at about the 19:26 minute mark), he mentioned somewhere between “A and A#” – and the reason this gave me chills is that for reasons I don’t understand, I love to listen to songs and sing them in the key of A.

But, that’s neither here nor there when it comes to whether or not this is a product for you.

Perhaps one of the best ways to learn whether this product is worth the money is to simply look at some other independent, third-party feedback from others who use the program. In general, you’ll find many positive comments about Wholetones, with dozens of reviewers claiming that the product has helped them feel a deeper sense of relaxation, and ultimately recover from injuries and heal at a faster rate.

Interestingly, many reviewers find the audio helps to give them noticeable pain relief. This appears to be the case especially for people with niggling neck injuries or chronic back pain. In general, it’s difficult to find a bad word said about this system. BUT it’s easy to find dozens of reviews which praise the benefits this system has to offer.

I love Wholetones

Overall, it’s safe to say that the Wholetones system is one of the best ‘audio healing’ package on the market. It is affordable – for example, just $49 (for the silver package as we mentioned above). It offers you incredible value for your money. So if you’re looking to increase your natural healing potential, or even experience some noticeable pain relief – all while listening to some incredibly pleasant music – then you’ll be delighted with the Wholetones system.

It also comes with a full money back guarantee. If you later decide it’s not for you, you can return the product and claim your money back.

Ultimately, this means you’ve got nothing to lose by giving it a try.

Now, I’m going back to listening to some tunes. Wholetones tunes, that is. Thanks so much for reading. I hope you find you love this as much as I do. Here’s to your well being!

UPDATE: Since learning about Michael’s passing, I had a renewed desire to listen. It still moves me deeply, even after all these years. I cannot even begin to truly and fully describe how deeply I feel this music. Please give Michael Tyrrell and his work a try.

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