UPDATE!!! Livionex Dental Gel is Now LIVFRESH on AMAZON!


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Hi folks! If you have already seen my original Livionex review, and then my updated review (here), you already know that I am a regular user of Livionex Dental Gel. It’s now “LIVFRESH” by Livionex – just a name change, and still awesome. I buy it regularly, and my go-to place for it (like many other places) is Amazon.

AUGUST 2019 UPDATES: Even BETTER news… They now sell it in a clear (colorless) version – called LivFree LIVFRESH, and that is what I’m currently using.

One of the best things I’ve found about Amazon is that the product reviews come from real users – if you see the “Verified Purchase” under the reviewer’s name, you can tell that they are real users. And that’s what we’re looking for!

Now, I am also a real user, and I pay full price for my Livionex products. Even though I’ve written reviews about them, the company did NOT compensate me in any way for it, and the only income I derive is whatever the commission Amazon sends me if someone makes a purchase through my link.

One other update – and it’s now August 2019 – I don’t understand the science behind this stuff, but because my teeth were always fairly prone to plaque buildup, I was pretty skeptical. It’s been a year and a half OVER 4 YEARS that I’ve used Livionex (Now “LIVFRESH”), and I have like ZERO plaque. My teeth are smooth like never before. (It’s still true today) This stuff is incredible, in my opinion. I still floss (I’m the flossing queen), but other than that, I don’t do anything special.

Here is the link to the colorless gel (Called LivFree LIVFRESH): www.amazon.com-LIVFRESH

Here is the NEW Amazon product page – you can click the photo too, and the link will bring you to the new LIVFRESH product page:

LIVFRESH Dental Gel by Livionex - LIVFRESH Review


Note: There aren’t any Livionex coupon codes for this as far as I’ve been able to find, but I just bought 2 more tubes at Amazon, and because I have Amazon Prime, my shipping is free (and it’s free anyway if you spend $49 or more at Amazon). You can try Prime if you are interested–> Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial

UPDATE: A reader asked about rinsing and using mouthwash. According to Livionex, that’s just fine. I also saw where they said after using, feel free to follow whatever else you do as part of your oral hygiene routine – for example, I floss (as you know!) – personally, I floss BEFORE brushing so that the gel can get into the nooks and crannies of my teeth without anything in the way. Anyway here’s a quick look at a sample of Q&A at Amazon about this. You can click the image to go to that Livionex listing at Amazon:

Livionex Q and A at Amazon

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