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Zapata Racing started making PWC equipment 18 years ago, under the leadership of Franky Zapata, still CEO. He has a small team of executives working for him and branches around the world. PWC stands for Personal Water Craft, but if you’re thinking of regular boats and jet skis, think again. In 1999, Zapata brought PWC to international attention with a new way of hitting the water or, more accurately, hitting the air above the water.

They have since earned 6 titles in Europe and 2 in world championships using hydro-propulsion to rocket them to the top. The Flyboard represents several years of innovation and development which now brings the company and flyboards to an audience of leisure users as well as competitors. Watch their videos for some celebrity spotting.

New Flyboard Sport

This is a sport now in its own right; a new way to tackle the water and win. Other firms have made their own versions, but Zapata Racing is world-renowned. They brought their Flyboard to Qatar in 2012 and the 2014 Dubai competition with their Hoverboard by Zapata Racing.

The company continues to develop new machines employing advances in hydro-propulsion and promoting feats like those a viewer might expect to see in a James Bond movie. Q would be jealous. Movies of the Hoverboard and Flyboard in action have attracted fans in their own right, many of them added during a Super Bowl advertisement, a coveted spot.

Professional Flyboard Riders

Famous names in the industry might not sound familiar to the average individual more familiar with football figures, boxers, or soccer players, but Zapata’s pro riders are famous in the industry. From the USA, there are two: Caleb Gavic and Damone Rippy. Brody Wells and Adrian Boucher represent Canada. Suksan Tongthai comes from Thailand. Watch for the next races, sure to be shown on cable, and find out who is representing your home country.

The Flyboard Legend

A new legend has joined the team; a Flyboard Legend. Those who know these machines are not surprised by its legendary capacities: a turbine that lets riders lift, dive, jump, and perform tricks in the air.

An 18- or 23-meter hose connects to the Personal Water Craft redirecting water to nozzles on the side. The rider controls the device’s height and direction with a throttle to reach as much as 12 meters in the air depending on power.

Riding a Flyboard is like being suspended high atop a wave on a surfboard only the lift lasts longer and remains in mid-air. A wireless way to stay suspended above water is surely the next thing to come from Zapata Racing; the world watches and waits with breathless anticipation.

What Comes with the Flyboard Legend?

With this purchase, consumers receive a rotation system, specific bearings, a supply hose, U pipe for reverse PWC water movement, and a clip interface. The U pipe possesses a propulsion system so the PWC does not have to be towed. Propulsion makes it faster and more efficient.

The Venturi system is responsible for letting water out of the turbine. Special bindings for the boots work specifically with the Flyboard to protect a rider’s foot, ankle bones and joints while he or she is shot into the air at an astounding speed. Flexibility and strength combine to provide safety and support.

Miami Area Flyboard Experience

We have also found a way to try out a Flyboard, at the Bayside Flyboard Experience, if you are ever in the Miami area. They don’t mention whether it is the same one by Zapata Racing, but it looks fun nevertheless!

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