A team of ten men and women want to help you get your company ready for the mobile universe. Have you ever wondered what the competitor’s company has that you don’t? Do you suspect there is a simple way to increase sales, especially with the help of professionals? Is promotion a weak point in your plan to gain a wider audience for your product?

It really is easy and quick to become more visible in the mobile world, and you don’t have to go far to find someone to help. At bMobilized there are experts waiting to show you how to get further with your internet sales. They are down the virtual road from all customers, big and small.

Get Busy; Get bMobilized

This team of men and women include engineers, customer service personnel, and IT experts. Their business is at the cutting edge of ecommerce or what they call “m-commerce”: mobile sales. You will see right away that they are fairly young and this is the generation (at least grown-up generation) that understands mobile technology best.

With the help of various partners and investors, this firm is showing businesses of varying sizes how to customize desktop websites so they are mobile friendly. They consult with clients or step in to do the work: whatever you need. It’s a great idea and the firm is flourishing.


Why Should Businesses be Mobile Friendly?

Most smart phones are internet-compatible even if consumers do not engage this tool. A huge number of consumers, however, is not only mobile-literate but also does a lot of spending online via their cell phones. With these devices, they are able to connect with people, keep up with work, and buy goods for personal or professional use without pausing in their travels between work or school and home.

If a company’s website is set up for e-tail sales, this is great news but does not mean the site will transfer easily to a smaller device. They work in similar ways but there are enough differences for the savvy business owner to know this much: for the mobile site to be user friendly, it has to adapt to this smaller format. As a result of adjustment, sales go up because consumers feel their desire for convenient commerce is being met.

It’s sometimes that simple: making instructions bigger and easier to see; choosing a readable font. Clients could be surprised at how much common sense goes into this area of IT.

How Can bMobilized Help?

At bMobilized, they will either show you how to convert systems for mobile use or will do the work for you. Let them apply Automated Content Analysis (ACA) to get you mobile right from the minute you say “go.”

Automatic Content Identifier (ACI) programs will determine what elements of a website need to change for use on a smart phone. Engage tools that know where a consumer is and tailor content to suit his likely shopping habits. If a client is in Alaska and you sell clothing, your link will automatically lead them to a branch in Juneau or an item for cold-climate customers.

bMobilized will show you how to add tools and plug-ins while also explaining and demonstrating what they are good for. These are instructions on the screen you click to activate functions like “live chat,” “click-to-open,” maps, directions, videos, and links to social media. Consumers will be able to see them clearly on the screen and also enlarge where necessary.

Add analytics to your regular ecommerce research. How is your website doing? One of the attractions of e-tail analytics is that you can find out how popular your site is. Even if people aren’t buying anything, this type of programming enables you to see what sorts of things people were looking at, the time of day they shopped, and the volume of potential shoppers.

It won’t be long before the effectiveness of mobile-friendly web adaptations becomes apparent or you determine that it’s not working at all. The chances are high, though, that by going mobile, you meet people where they are and find them ready to shop.

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