Do you like to get outside and enjoy the world around you? Are you active but sensible and practical? If so, you appreciate the importance of staying warm in cold weather, cool in hot weather, and dry in all weathers so you are comfortable and your body temperature is safe.

Outdoor gear has to breathe but also shelter you from wind, rain, cold, and sun. Who do you trust to provide outer wear for all weathers and situations? Patagonia would be a natural choice for the men, women, and children in your family.

How to Shop with Patagonia

While visiting Patagonia online there are several ways to approach your shopping efforts. Take stock of what you need these items for and who is going to wear them. Will this be a man, woman, or child? What sport are you preparing for? Do you want a full jacket, vest, or a shirt?

Patagonia invites you to choose an activity such as fly fishing, surfing, or skiing. Opt for trail running or climbing. Look for insulated clothes, vests, a fleece, shoes, or boots. Once you have found a possible purchase, there are other choices to make such as color or pattern and size, of course. The company lists available patterns and shades directly beneath an item, so if the featured color does not appeal, it’s immediately clear when there are other choices.

You will notice several items that are similar to each other set side by side: items which would be the same but for a slightly different zipper or sleeve length. Designers at Patagonia know consumers are fussy about how they spend their money on quality gear and even small features are important.

Some of their Gear

Patagonia is both a brand and a place in Argentina, a country you can prepare to visit by stocking up on both light and heavy outerwear. The Synchilla Snap-T Pullover costs from $120 and up and is a light alternative to a jacket.

Men's Synchilla Snap-T Pullover

This fleecy-looking item is fastened down to the chest with snaps and comes in colors like orange, red, and sage. The Torentshell jacket is a bigger item: a windbreaker with baffling around the neck and lower face plus multiple pockets. Patagonia utilizes technical fabrics to supply light jackets and pullovers which still insulate the body effectively.

You could be getting ready for day-to-day life which includes walking to work in the snow or standing in a school playground while your students take a break from reading and art. Prepare for harsh weather with a long quilted coat with a soft and warm lining.

A shorter puffy coat could cost from $240 in turquoise, forest green, yellow, brown, or coral. Select a fleece sweater with full zips, something to wear as a coat.

Alternatively, ½-zip pullovers provide light protection after a skiing trip or when you come out of the water with your surfboard on a cool evening and pull off your wetsuit. That fleece, a windbreaker, or a casual Patagonia t-shirt could supply warmth if you are only wearing a Patagonia bikini or tankini top and board shorts or bikini bottoms.

Fishermen will delight in the assortment of styles and lengths of waders on Patagonia’s e-commerce site. Add a jacket for fishing; the kind that can withstand some splashing. Select a fishing shirt: a polo or long-sleeved collared shirt. Quality is high and vivid colors add to their attraction. There is no reason to sacrifice style or fun just because function is important.

Purchase shoes or boots to accompany a piece of outerwear. Expect a rugged piece of footwear that won’t let in the cold or let you down when terrain is uneven. Although shopping online is conveniently done from home at your leisure, several shops sell Patagonia gear which gives you the opportunity to try on clothing and shoes.

Experiment with the way you bend, twist, rotate your arms, and so on. Try zipping the coat up and down. Think of which items will go in pockets and whether or not they will fit. Feel fabrics to determine if you like them. Once you choose a backpack from Patagonia, add an inspiration book about climbing, fishing, or sailing.

Patagonia: a Responsible Company

Check Patagonia’s history: they’ve been around for several decades. The brand is well known, but what might not be as commonly known about them is their level of social responsibility. Patagonia strives to contribute in a positive way to the environment and to behave responsibly and ethically. These goals are written into a legal charter which binds Patagonia to forward-thinking, ecologically sensitive business practices.

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