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Have you ever wanted to hire a private Jet? You can with JetSuite. Their firm has operated successfully for 7 years as a private operator; an alternative to charter flights. The company is now one of the biggest in America: 4th largest, thanks to their top-of-the-range jets. You can go anywhere or sign up for regularly scheduled, luxury flights.

JetSuite Fleet

The range of planes at JetSuite includes a number of Phenom 100s and Edition CJ3 jets plus XL 30-seat Embraer 135 editions for bigger groups or simply to enjoy the latest in-air luxury.

The objective at JetSuite has been to make air travel as wonderful as it can be, so they are never satisfied. Owners and designers are always tweaking to accommodate different interests, changing demands, and new ideas in air travel.

The company is always trying to develop better jets while still making air travel of this kind a reality for a wider audience of consumers. Their fleet is more luxurious than charter planes, but prices are similar to those you would pay for flying with a familiar airline.

If you have the disposable income to pay full price for regular flights that are full of stress and hassle, choose JetSuite instead and forgo the long line-ups, aggressive security checks, and waiting-area boredom.

What Is JetSuiteX

This is a new service offering comfortable scheduled travel plus all the features of a commercial flight and more. It is just as safe, maybe safer, and far more enjoyable. Flight attendants look after your needs as you recline in leather seats, legs out as they would be in a business-class seat on a regular airline.

You won’t feel like a domestic animal anymore. Even head room has been extended so you can stand up and not get knocked out. If claustrophobia is what kept you away from flying before, that shouldn’t be a problem. Numbers of passengers are so small, everyone could get to know each other during their time in the air.

Relaxing interior décor includes leather seats you could sleep in with more soundproofing as not to disturb your rest and gentle color choices. Wi-Fi is free, in-flight entertainment costs nothing extra, there are power outlets for every passenger, and you will be served refreshments free of charge. Those include gourmet nibbles, soft drinks, and alcohol. Get comfortable, as though you were sitting in an easy chair at home. Drift off to the sound of your favorite music or an audio book.

Take Off

JetSuite customers rent an entire jet and choose where they wish to go. JetSuiteX is a public service for small crowds who still want to skip the waiting times and hassle of commercial flight. This is where JetSuite manages to create lower-priced services so that almost anyone who can afford to fly will be able to choose a more comfortable way to go about it. JetSuiteX provides regular service on popular routes. Get in touch to find out what routes they offer and their schedule of flights.

Cost of Luxury

A private jet costs about $8,000 for every hour in use. That works out to under $300 per hour for each person if the seats are filled. There are 30 on an E135. A three-hour domestic flight would cost $24,000 or about $900 per person for the same model, but check costs for the Phenom and CJ3. It pays to get your friends involved and travel as a group.

Scheduled American Routes

New jets are coming in 2017 but the existing line is already operating along oft-chosen routes. Their favored markets are Sacramento, Santa Barbara (both California) and Phoenix, Arizona. Carlsbad, CA will be part of their new route for the E-135 series. JetSuiteX serves passengers to the most common destinations such as Las Vegas, LA, San Francisco Bay, San Diego, San Jose, and Bozeman in Montana. Watch for more destinations as the company expands its jet fleet and pool of experience pilots, two per flight.

Make a Reservation

How do you get started on your flight from California to another US city? Give JetSuite your Departure and Arrival locations, dates, and times. Provide legal names for all passengers with birthdates and how much luggage you expect to load for the flight in bag numbers and pounds. You will need to supply an email address for each passenger and a phone number. Payment is the last piece.

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