Top Winter Jackets For Men

Winter means different things to different people. All over North America there are people preparing for that season by ordering fleece-lined clothing and airing out their heavy bedding.

Meanwhile, in the south, some consumers are shaking their heads, wondering what all the fuss is about. If you live in California, you might think everyone north of Portland, Oregon, drives a husky to work and wears a parka to bed, and that’s not always too far off the mark.

Wherever winter is harsh and cold, you need to be well prepared or the season is bound to feel long and miserable. Men have the option to enjoy cold temperatures by preparing to weather the oncoming change of season.

Best Winter Jackets for Men

The most important layer is a jacket. Of course, a nice hat, mittens or gloves, a scarf, warm pants, and shoes are all important too, but all these without a warm jacket will leave you feeling cold again sooner or later. A great jacket suffices without a vest or fleece too.

Choose something for the activity level you expect to engage in and consider owning more than one coat. One might be best for the morning commute when you spend time waiting for trains or walking briskly from the station to your office. Another could be set aside for activities such as hiking, skiing, or snow boarding.

Active-wear should let your skin breathe, in which case there will be vents or technical materials which don’t let you get sweaty. This would make you cold again quickly. A jacket for rigorous activity should also move with you rather than creating a restricted feeling in the arms. These types of jackets usually stop at the waist or around the hip line. Anything below the hips tends to prevent a full range of bending motions and holds your arms down a little.

Pockets might be lined and should be zippered so you can keep things warm and protected from snow, wind, or rain. Weather protection is helpful too, particularly for individuals climbing high into mountainous regions where the wind is sure to be blowing harder. A hood is preferable or at least a collar that comes up to your chin since scarves aren’t usually water-proof and can make you feel colder as they collect snow or moisture.

Stylish Winter Jackets

Some of the best coats for men cost over $400 but there are examples for less than $250 which is a reasonable amount to pay for light, quality winter gear. Brands to keep on your list include Patagonia, The North Face, and Canada Goose. Arc’teryx, Barbour, Feathered Friends, and Mountain Hardwear also supply excellent jackets. They are all known for combining style with function so here are some thoughts to help you get started.

The North Face Gotham

Men won’t look like bats or superheroes dressed in this light, durable piece of winter wear. Although it is hoodless, the Gotham is insulated and slightly weather-resistant. Consider this an ideal choice of outerwear for mild winters or active pursuits.

Barbour Classic Parka

The Fog Parka by Barbour will introduce an entirely new generation to this classic brand. At around $400, the Fog Parka is one of the pricier offerings but there are lots of lined pockets to keep your hands feeling toasty. The outer shell is made from waxed cotton, making it waterproof too. Front closure blends buttons with a zipper for total protection from wind.

The North Face Thermoball

Thermoball jackets by The North Face remain warm even if they get wet, making them versatile alternatives to down-lined clothing. You can wash this stylish item and wear it while skiing or hiking. Cut a fashionable figure, too, in this light product costing around $200. Thermoball material is compressible, so it will take up little space in a backpack or suitcase.

Feathered Friends Volant Parka

Here is another $400 men’s jacket, but Feathered Friends meant it for extreme athletes; mountain climbers and rock climbers who are putting their bodies through serious conditions. Consumers should not buy cheap clothing for these situations. The Volant jacket is short, stopping just at the waist, and quilted for that modern and youthful puffy look. Baffling covers the chin and much of your face when the hood is up. Besides outer pockets, two more are located on the inside.

Mountain Hardwear Chillwave

You guessed it from the name: this is a great item of clothing for any man living at altitude. He will stay warm in this exceptionally warm but slightly bulky jacket. Enjoy comfort whether you are busy or just doing day-to-day things. The hood is removable and there are five pockets.

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