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Slip Resistant Work Shoes – Important Work Footwear

On this particular page, while I’m going to talk about Shoes for Crews in a moment, I am addressing slip resistant work shoes in general fist, since a lot of people I know work in environments where there may be wet or slick floor surfaces. People in many professions are told that they need to wear safety work shoes on the job.

Well, just because your work footwear may be labeled “Safety Work Shoes,” that does not necessarily mean that your work shoes or work boots are slip resistant.

I just saw a tidbit stating that according to the National Safety Council, an estimated 25,000 or more accidents every day are related to slips and falls. Per Day! Multiply that figure by 365 days, and you’ve got more than 9 million accidents that are slips/falls related!

Folks, that is a huge number.

Then, I went over to this Carter Tile Solutions website, and saw a LOT of scary statistics about slips and falls. Just to note one example, they show a statement from the Restaurant Insurance Corp. that “slips and falls are the greatest source of general liability claims within the restaurant industry” The site also quotes the National Safety Council as saying “falls and slips were the second most costly type of worker’s compensation claim, averaging $20,228 in 2002-2003.” Yikes! Granted, that was a long time ago, but still…

So, I know that this is a big issue – not only for the victims of a slip or fall – but also for the employer. As a writer, I can attest that this is big, because I once wrote for a company that developed numerous interactive online safety modules for industry – and there was more than one lesson developed around the topic of avoiding slips and falls!

Okay – Lots of Companies sell slip-resistant shoes and boots…What makes Shoes for Crews so good?
Shoes for Crews A Plus BBB RatingSo, there are a lot of companies out there that offer slip resistant workshoes, and it’s certainly easy enough for anyone to pop that term into your favorite search engine to see who is selling what. And, I remember needing some safety boots some years back when I worked in a construction trade overseas for a while. My boots weren’t very attractive; however, that wasn’t the important thing. But recently, when I decided to research companies that DO offer good industrial work shoes, I was somewhat astonished to see how things have changed. What I looked for was a company that had a good track record, and also some facts to back up their product offerings.

When I found Shoes for Crews, (which has not only been around since 1984, but has also become recognized as a true leader in high quality slip resistant work shoes), I knew that these were the guys I was going to feature. They’ve got numbers from independent slip resistance tests that verify their claims as well. Even better:

1) They are affordable, and have a number of ways that you can pay for the shoes you want and need via a payroll deduction program that your company can get set up. Impressive!

2) They have an large following, an outstanding (A+) BBB rating, very affordable slip-resistant overshoes – in other words, like the old fashioned slip on types that you can put over your regular shoes (less than $25), slip resistant floor mats, and something I think most companies would really appreciate, a corporate program that can make employees’ safety shoes affordable.

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3) Of course, all companies are in business to make a profit, and Shoes for Crews isn’t any different in that respect. What makes them a little different, however, is that they are willing to go to great lengths to get your or your company’s business with some pretty outstanding return and satisfaction guarantees. One look at their website will show you how many large companies out there agree.

4) Nice looking styles that aren’t embarrassing to wear. I noticed a number of styles that remind me of Dansko clogs, which are some of my very favorite shoes. Obviously, these aren’t Dansko (as evidenced by the much lower price tag on the Shoes for Crews models), but they do look nice.

5) They have a “refer a friend” program where they are offering $10 off your friend’s first order if you refer them via Facebook, Twitter, or e-mail, and in turn, you receive $10 off your next order.

Lots of Glowing Praise – How about the “Cons?”

It’s rare that I find a company where I can’t find anything negative (or at least non-stellar) to say about them, but Shoes for Crews comes pretty darned close. But I dug around, and in the spirit of creating a true balance in my review, here are a few things that I discovered that I wish could be different:

1) The company does NOT ship to P.O. boxes. In some cases – people just can’t receive packages where they live. And, the company ships via UPS, which means that the buyer who only has a post office box, or an otherwise un-secure place to receive packages might have a little difficulty finding a workaround. In cases such as this, I would personally ask my employer if there would be a way to receive the package at work, or perhaps ask a friend if he or she would be willing to accept a delivery.

2) I located 2 reviews saying that the shoes were too large for what they thought the stated size was (each person ordered a size 7, and they were too big). Fortunately, the company does have a satisfaction policy, and they do give you 60 days to try them out, with what appears to be a relatively painless return process. Also, their website does have some sizing tips that you should read before deciding on a size.

3) Shipping isn’t free unless your order doesn’t get to you in 3 business days. On the plus side, however, it wasn’t a huge amount of money for shipping – $7.98 for standard 3 business day delivery for one pair.

Now, for our disclaimer: We were not compensated for creating this review – it is totally based on our own research and opinions. That said, we are grateful that the company has an affiliate program that we are part of, which means that if you click on any of the Shoes for Crews links we have provided here at, and make a purchase through any of those links, we will receive a commission.

But please see for yourself why we speak so highly about this company, and why we’re proud to feature them. We invite you to learn a little more about the company and what they offer – Click Here to see our Featured Shoes for Crews deals!


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