Green Drink Powders

Green drink powders are mixtures that contain one or more deep green leafy substance dehydrated and reformulated as a powder. This could be spinach, kale, or seaweed, and it’s all good for you. Who eats enough greens these days? The easiest way to obtain them and their nutritional benefits is to add them to smoothies or take supplements. Green powders are perfect for smoothies and offer awesome benefits, but each of the ones listed below takes a slightly different approach to tempt a particular consumer.

Why Greens?

Leafy green vegetables are high in antioxidants, calcium, and omega-3 fatty acids. They help the body fight sickness; support the health of bones, hair, nails, and teeth; and contribute to the well-being of your brain. Metabolism, hormones, and moods and so much more besides are affected by the nutrients found in greens. Here are some products to consider if you don’t already eat lots of kale and spinach.

Vitamineral Green, HealthForce Nutritionals

Mother Nature and Dr. Jameth Sheridan, a holistic doctor, formulated this product made from several greens. It contains vitamins, fiber, minerals, and proteins in a form that is easy to absorb and much greener than many of the competitors’ products in the sense that it contains mostly dehydrated green vegetables rather than grasses or fruit. Vitamineral Green is promoted as “actual food” because it’s virtually complete. You don’t really need anything else with that kind of nutritional value. One benefit of greens is they are vegan, and Mother Nature keeps things this way with their raw product which doesn’t contain anything else to give the product bulk. You won’t find gluten, yeast, or extra ingredients in this mixture; just phytonutrients.

Green foods heal. All ingredients in this blend possess some benefit, are non-toxic, and TruGanic (GMO- and pesticide-free). Most ingredients in this blend are also organic which is common but not universal. The list includes carob pod, nettle leaf, alfalfa, barley, oat grass, and ginger root. That’s just the start. Read their labelling for a full description.

Vibrant Health Matcha Plant-Based Protein Supplement

Pro-Matcha is a sustainable, vegan, gluten-free, organic supplement derived from green tea. The entire leaf is used to supply minerals, vitamins, protein, and omega fatty acids that taste great in a shake and are nutritionally equal to ten times as much green tea which is also known for its powerful antioxidant properties. Matcha is an energizer supplying caffeine which doesn’t lead to the acidic results of coffee but an alkaline reaction in the body, and that’s what you want. Enjoy better focus, energy, and detoxify your body with Matcha which also contains omega fatty acids (3, 6, and 9) and branched-chain amino acids which the body uses to lay down muscle but also support existing muscle by supporting recovery and promoting energy. Matcha contains very low amounts of carbohydrates, curbs the appetite, and doesn’t cause blood sugar to spike. Use it daily to balance blood sugar, maintain good health, or as a workout supplement. Try this smoothie base in its natural state or flavored to taste like vanilla or chocolate.

Amazing Grass Organic Wheat Grass Powder

Wheat grass powder is heavily hyped as a superfood. Why does this brand consider itself special? Their product is made from organic wheat grass dehydrated locally, so not transported prior to dehydration during which time it would come into contact with plastic containers and artificial light. Amazing Grass uses only whole-leaf wheat grass to supply nutrients for healthy organs, a strong immune system, and detoxification. One serving of this powder in a smoothie supplies fussy eaters with all of their fruits and veggies in an easily-digested format. An 8g scoop contains 100% of your daily Vitamin K allowance, important in the role of blood-clotting, but also significant amounts of potassium, iron, and Vitamin A. That high amount of Vitamin K sets it apart as does its reliance on that single ingredient.

AIM BarleyLife Barley Grass Powder

Look after your immune system and the whole body works better. You’ll experience more energy and fight off disease by taking BarleyLife Barley Grass Powder as part of your day with its blend of barley grass, kelp, and brown rice for a rounded profile. AIM’s powder is made from New Zealand and Canadian sources of barley grass, a substance known to provide anti-inflammatory benefits and an alternative to wheat grass. AIM uses a method which they use on the juice of the leaf, not the fiber, and a cool-processing style so the plant remains raw. Beta carotene and folate are two of the many available nutrients in this blend promoting healthy skin and focusing primarily, like the product above, on a type of healthful grass instead of a vegetable or seaweed.

Fruitgrass Powder

Fruitgrass powders are best enjoyed as additives to smoothies where their health-giving properties are easily masked by the flavor of milk or juice. Kids imagine healthy food tastes weird before giving it a try. Don’t tell them their bodies are benefiting from a boosted immune system. Adults, on the other hand, will love to know their appetites and energy levels will feel more balanced, thanks to nutrients from superfoods like spirulina, pomegranate, goji, wheatgrass, acai, and noni pus papaya and chlorella. These and other amazing natural ingredients fight the effects of chemicals in the environment and signs of aging, improve digestion, and help consumer to manage their weight better.

Ingredients of this US product include powders made from the berries and grasses listed above, some of them organic, plus Yumberry and Mangosteen juice powders, Sea Buckthorn and Amla fruit powders, and stevia to sweeten the blend. Nothing artificial has been added and nothing is blended in to fill up the sachet you pour into your smoothie mixture. These are most conveniently packaged in single-serving format, but that’s also expensive compared with the multi-serving canisters provided by the brands of powders listed above. This last blend is also the most diverse and removed from the pure-green ideal of a green drink powder. It’s green in the environmental sense while containing some grasses associated with good health.

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