Anti-Aging Products

The best anti-aging products for women (and men) are not simply gimmicks. Even savvy consumers can be fooled by fancy names if they don’t complete some background reading before heading to the mall or logging onto a cosmetics website.

Wisdom Benefits Your Skin

With the prices of some so-called anti-aging serums, creams, and lotions being so high (up to $300 for a small bottle), it is imperative that consumers visit a cosmetics store or pharmacy with some knowledge about what they are buying and why.

Sales clerks are trained and knowledgeable but also under pressure to make a sale, so know your stuff first. Which ingredients are you looking for and what advantages do these ingredients provide? Have they identified specific problem areas they want to tackle?

Top Ingredients

Certain ingredients feature heavily in the anti-aging sections of department stores. Retinol, found in Vitamin A, reduces the appearance of darkened pigmentation and wrinkles. It brightens skin and helps it renew cells more quickly.

Dry, flaky, fragile skin becomes stronger to defend itself against potential sun damage. Depletion of collagen as we age is partially responsible for loss of fullness which leads to sagging or sallow skin.

Plastic surgeons inject this around women’s lips as they get older. Vitamin C and other antioxidants like green tea fight free radicals to prevent damage, renew collagen production, and create a unified complexion across the face. Ceramides bind cells, contributing to soft, smooth, strong facial skin.

Areas of Concern

Products tend to target specific areas because your skin’s needs are not the same all over. Around the neck and cheeks women want toning and tightening. Lines appear around eyes and lips. General brightening is needed everywhere. Blotchiness tends to turn up across the cheeks.

Some skin products address issues with pigmentation; others with scarring; and still others with sensitivity and dryness. Bear in mind that new anti-aging products are launched every year — and even monthly — while new companies launch their lines periodically too.

#10 – Affordable Polyphenol C15 Anti-wrinkle Eye and Lip Cream by Caudalie

Most products on this list cost around $50 or more, so finding anything under that price which is also effective is a boon. Polyphenol C15 specifically tackles fine lines in two sensitive areas of the face by blocking free radicals. You will also notice reduced puffiness and darkness around the eyes in a short space of time and more collagen for fullness.

#9 – Ole Henriksen, Ultimate Lift Neck Cream

Participants in tests of this anti-aging cream noticed results right away but, more importantly, they saw lasting results. The skin around their necks became noticeable tighter and smoother with the help of copper tripeptides and plant collagen. You should be able to find the results of product testing by real consumers in the profile of many anti-aging skin products.

#8 – Murad Essential C Daily Renewal Complex

As we age, our pores often become larger and this is unsightly. The major benefit of Essential C by Murad is the reduction of pores plus toned skin that’s tighter but not so tight it looks pulled and frail. Help your skin by reducing sun exposure and wearing sun screen and skin products do their work.

#7 – Weil Skin Relief Face Serum

This is not a cream but a serum and Weil Skin Relief for the face is designed for better skin health. Unhealthy looking skin also tends to appear older, especially sensitive skin prone to redness and flakiness. Reduce dryness and red blotches with this serum for people whose skin reacts to just about everything. It’s also good for treating acne at any age.

#6 – Skinceuticals

As a brand, Skinceuticals gets great reviews for several products. As far as anti-aging products are concerned, their C E Ferulic is one of the best. Pores are reduced, lines disappear, and wrinkles are prevented by using this product on a regular basis. Reduce stress in your life, drink more water, and improve your sleep routine to emphasize the benefits of Vitamins C and E.

#5 – Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair Eye Cream

When you see the name Neutrogena, you know the product is likely to be affordable, but consumers tend to dismiss the brand. They see it as a low-cost, reasonable quality, unsophisticated moisturizer, not an anti-aging tool. In fact, these individuals probably used it as teenagers, but mature shoppers can turn to this reliable brand throughout their lives. With Neutrogena’s eye cream, the skin around eyes becomes more toned and defined. A reasonable price tag adds even more allure.

#4 – Clinique All About Lips

Who would have thought there could be a product specifically for softening lips? A lot of women notice the skin in this delicate area becomes flaky and lined, so Clinique comes to the rescue to reduce flaking and sun damage. You should see dark areas fade somewhat if your sun-loving ways have caught up with you in this area. Prevent even more of them from appearing by wearing a hat in the sun.

#3 – OLAY Regenerist Serum

Trust OLAY to produce numerous, well-received anti-aging products, some better than others, and most of them in the mid-range (over $50 but under $100). This particular blend of fragrance-free skin softener acts quickly to restore skin’s natural glow. Whenever possible, buy a product without perfumes which can irritate and cause inflammation.

#2 – Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Cream

Results are quick with this cream for sensitive skin. You should notice a smoother texture, brighter tone, and less irritation plus a fuller look, thanks to the collagen.

#1 – Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Capsules

Consumers responded ecstatically to this interesting, innovative product. Often it’s difficult to gauge how much of a product to put on one’s skin: a teaspoon? A pea sized amount? Will a tablespoon be too much? Elizabeth Arden solves the problem with their serum capsules. Open up just one of these every day and you will find enough serum inside to cover your entire face. Each capsule contains the ingredients to reduce and prevent lines around eyes and lips, reduce wrinkles to mere lines, and make your skin come alive again with the vibrancy of younger days.

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