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2023 UPDATE On this BaxMax review and coupon code. As hard as it is for me to believe, it’s been 7 years since I began using the BaxMAX support. I wanted to let you know that I STILL USE THIS THING!!

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The BaxMax is a lower lumbar support belt to help alleviate the chronic back pain that I experience – particularly when I’m sitting at my desk. In fact, I’m wearing it as I type this review. You can see this interesting little gizmo in the videos I made, below, where I also offer my review on YouTube in case someone searches over there for a user experience.

Before I go into my own user experience with this, I want to reiterate something that the company itself emphasizes, and something I think is pretty important: the BaxMAX spine support belt is not created or intended to be any type of medical device*. It’s not meant as a safety belt for lifting – it is a support to help relieve lower back pain by reducing lumbar compression.

What caught my attention initially was that it is recommended by Dr. Michael Sinel, M.D. who specializes in back problems, and who is the author of “Back Pain Remedies for Dummies” and “Win the Battle Against Back Pain.” Dr. Sinel says that it

“has a pulley system and mechanical advantage far superior to any other lumbar support brace on the market.” In one of the official BaxMAX videos, he continues, “The abdominal compressive forces that can be obtained when using this lumbar support afford considerable reduction of stresses to the lumbar spine, thereby reducing spinal fatigue and reducing the likelihood for back pain and injuries.” (source:

He is also quoted on the package as saying that the BaxMAX is “undeniably the best back support ever made.”

So much for recommendations. But would it work for me? I have some squirrely back pain. Some of it is alleviated by using the acupressure tool called the Q-Flex that I had first seen on Shark Tank, and then bought on Amazon (you can read about that here on the site). For me, the Q-Flex works on a particular “knot” that I’m prone to.

But what could I do about that lower, deeper back pain that isn’t really a “knot?” That’s where the BaxMAX comes in.

First Impressions

When my brace arrived, I was a little surprised at how small and light the package was (You can see my initial impressions in this video that I made when I first opened it – the review continues below this video):

Because I had never used any type of lower lumbar support before, it took me a minute or so to figure out how to put it on. But, seriously, within about a minute, I had the hang of it.

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Here are some tips for putting it on

After I opened it up and read through the directions, it was very easy to figure out how to use it. There are 2 sides of the belt – one is clearly labeled “Left” and the other is clearly labeled “Right.”

The easiest way to put it on for the first time, if you’re unfamiliar with it, is to lay the belt flat on a table or your bed – with the inside facing up, the side labeled LEFT will be to your left, and the side labeled RIGHT will be to your right when you are standing with your back to the belt. Reach behind you – lifting entire brace up and centering the pulley system on your lower back.

Bring the LEFT side around your lower torso first, and then the RIGHT side around. You’ll bring the RIGHT side to overlap the LEFT so that the Velcro attaches initially.

Then, you adjust the pulley system from the LEFT, and overlap that Velcro strap over the RIGHT side, and fasten.

An instant feeling of relief

BaxMAX Intro - BaxMAX Review

BaxMAX Review

I found that I do not need the belt to be all that tight. At first, I pulled the tension fairly tightly, and then let off a bit – I felt relief almost instantly. Actually, I’m going to restate that: I did feel relief instantly.

I can’t speak in any kind of clinical terminology since I’m pretty ignorant about these things. But I can tell you that I am sitting here in a chair, typing, and I have absolutely ZERO back pain. This is almost unheard of for me. Frankly, there are times when my back aches to the point of distraction, and I can’t concentrate.

And now – as I sit here – I can also tell you that I’m enjoying an additional benefit that can only help me. Somehow or another, the support belt is helping my overall posture. I have an unfortunate tendency to slouch and slump at my desk, which of course adds to my back pain. There is something in the way the belt “pushes” that encourages me to sit straighter.

Avoiding complacency

Now, just because I have discovered a tool to help my back feel better when sitting at my desk does not mean that I’m going to go back to sitting for hours on end. A few years ago I learned the hard way that I needed to move around at work to keep the circulation going.

I still stand frequently when working. I use the Varidesk, which is an adjustable sit – stand workstation that I bought a few years ago. I cannot imagine my work without it.

In other words, there are several tools that I now use to work more comfortably and more effectively. The BaxMAX spine support is now an integral part of this writer’s toolbox.

The bottom line:

Based on my own experience and overall feeling of relief from back pain when I’m wearing this cool little “accessory,” I can highly recommend it to anyone looking for an easy-to-use lower lumbar support. Here is my video review from YouTube – and you can buy the BaxMAX HERE!

* DISCLAIMERS & PRECAUTIONS: It should go without saying (but I’ll say it anyway to make sure that we’re clear on the disclaimers here) that you should consult your own medical and health care professionals before you use the BaxMAX. This is not a medical device, and it is not intended for any medical purpose. Do not use the BaxMAX if you are pregnant, have any circulation (vascular) disorders, have any gastrointestinal conditions, hernias, abdominal or inguinal hernia, or anything else not covered in this disclaimer. In addition, according to the instruction sheet, “It is also recommended that you loosen the BaxMAX for at least 2-3 minutes out of every 15 minutes throughout the course of the day.”

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