Unique Affiliate Programs

Hello everyone! If you have a specialized blog, you might be wondering about how to find some of the more unique affiliate programs or products that you can offer to your readers. Because of our enormous variety of offers here on MyFavDeals.org, we do come across some pretty awesome products, and we are also given an opportunity to share these with you as well.

This section is certainly a continual work-in-progress since nearly every day we are alerted to new opportunities.

So, keep checking back, and we’ll add new products and programs as we come across them! Scroll down, or check the Right Hand Sidebar Over There –> –> to see different categories too!

UPDATED June 25, 2018

ART – DESIGN (Graphics Design; Website Design)

    • TheHungryJPEG.com – Wow… If you want to offer graphic design and fonts (and script fonts) to your readership, look no further than TheHungryJPEG.com, home of the ULTIMATE in Monthly Graphic Art Bundles. They have a fabulous selection of top-notch, gorgeous designs, and ALL the bundles and packages come with a commercial license. I’m gonna buy some myself. Seriously, it’s that good. They have special deals, freebies, and even the ever-popular $1-deals page. You can feel very, very good offering this! The Hungry JPEG affiliate program pays 20% too! So, definitely… Join The Program –> Join TheHungryJPEG Affiliate Program at ShareASale HERE


    • ZENMED.com – ZENMED is a clear winner in our opinion! They offer outstanding natural rosacea treatment products with excellent, high quality ingredients, no animal testing, eco-friendly packaging, excellent customer support (I’ve personally used their products for a number of years), and their website has more excellent skin care information than almost any other I’ve ever seen. It’s a class act all around! Now, if you are looking to promote these products (there are 50!), there is a ZENMED affiliate program through ClickKingdom.com HERE. The payout is generous. Check it out –> Join the ZENMED Affiliate Program at ClickKingdom.com HERE!
    • HairExtensionSale.com – Paying a generous 15% commission, if you have a style or beauty blog, HairExtensionSale.com might be a great fit for you! Their hair extensions are 100% human hair, and come in a variety of lengths. Learn more –> Join the HairExtensionSale Affiliate Program 



  • Barton Publishing – Natural Health Reports – This is a really cool publisher! I have gotten a number of Barton’s reports in the past. They are probably one of the better known publishers that focus on home and natural/alternative health remedies. They pay anywhere from 50% – 75% of sales. Check out what they’ve got! Join The Barton Publishing Affiliate Program


    • Glamulet – Specializing in sweet pieces crafted from Sterling Silver (.925), Glamulet features lots of charms (many of them personalized), and lovely “crown” and “princess” types of rings. The pieces get good reviews, and the program pays 10%. Learn more! Join the Glamulet Affiliate Program
    • Panda Hall – A popular source for crafters! Panda Hall specializes in beads and findings. They are a Squaretrade Verified Seller, and they offer a 7% commission. See what they have! Join the Panda Hall Affiliate Program
    • AnjaysDesigns – Really unusual, high-end designs here! Frankly, this is some of the loveliest jewelry I’ve seen in a long time. You can tell that there is an enormous sense of passion in the pieces. This is a program run by the jeweler who has been designing for years! A number of these high-quality pieces are inspired by nature and have some beautiful, delicate designs! They pay 6%. Check This Out Today! Join the Anjays Designs Affiliate Program Now!
    • The Black Bow Jewelry Co. – This company has something for everyone. The Black Bow Jewelry Company offers everything from fun and affordable pieces for children, to sports (team) branded collections, a Disney collection, and even an “ash holder” selection of pendants where one can keep a reminder of those who have gone before. They have a Beachcomber collection, Leeza Gibbons collection, and more – right up to the beautiful 14K gold wedding bands (for men and women). They pay 8%. Check them out! Sign up for the Black Bow Jewelry Affiliate Program
    • SilverRush – This is a family-owned business that creates some of the most unusual, fine sterling silver collections I’ve seen. They source their sterling silver (.925) only from the United States. They offer pieces from under $30 right on up to nearly $400 (for some of their more exotic pieces). They pay 15%. Check them out! Join the SilverRush Affiliate Program


    • MiracleNoodle.com – We personally use Miracle Noodles (a wheat-free, gluten-free, grain-free, calorie-free, carb-free) “noodle” substitute in our house, and enjoy promoting it. We also like the fact that there are ways for people who struggle with wheat and gluten to be able to enjoy the “feeling” of eating noodles.  Also called “shiritaki noodles,” or “konjak noodles,” they are plant-based (made from plant fiber), and take on the flavor of whatever sauces you add. Join them by CLICKING –> Join the Miracle Noodle Affiliate Program Now


    • MindValley.com – This is a well-renown, very high-end, high-quality platform founded by Vishen Lakhiani. There is nothing but 100% positivity coming from MindValley.com, and the programs that they offer are top notch. Here you’ll find programs that feature such illumined spiritual teachers such as Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith, T. Harv Eker, Burt Goldman (Quantum Jumping), Bob Proctor, Carol Tuttle (Chakra Healing), and many more. Check it out! CLICK –> MindValley Affiliate Application


    • GearBest.com – I challenge ANYONE to find more cool stuff at rock bottom prices than here at GearBest.com! Program pays 3% commissions, and they have literally thousands of products in almost every category there is. Because they are so competitively priced, you won’t have any problem finding something fun to promote here! CLICK TO JOIN –> Join the GearBest.com Affiliate Program Today



    • Direct Vapor – There is little question that Direct Vapor is one of the best e-cig and vaping affiliate programs out there. They have a long history, and a well-deserved reputation of being one of the highest quality sites, and are especially well-known for their customer service, “No Clone Zone” and “price match guarantee” that makes it easy for customers to shop. An edge “celebrity” e-liquid manufacturer that also has a desire to help animal rescue groups. We can appreciate that! They pay 10% commissions. CLICK TO APPLY –> Apply to become a Direct Vapor Affiliate
Unique Affiliate Programs
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