Top Winter Jackets For Women

When the winter season starts it can be harsh or mild. North Americans start thinking about cold days and even colder nights by the time school starts up again in late summer, and it can be a considerable process getting ready. Some parts of the continent experience seriously cold weather: -20C during the day time and even less at night for several weeks of the year.

That’s great for making ice wine but harsh for outdoor living. Mountainous parts experience high winds and, though sunny, are snowy and harsh places to work and play at times. Women need to be ready whether they have to wait outside for children to finish school for the day, engage in their own athletic pursuits, or are walking to and from work in harsh conditions.

The Best Winter Jackets for Women

Face it: women are even more particular than men about looking good even when their clothing has to be functional. A winter coat should be attractive while keeping out wind, moisture, and cold in general. Women will add accessories to enhance their warmth and stylishness such as hats, gloves, scarves, and great boots, but they don’t want to compromise on any part of the “look.” If a winter jacket is well made, you will not need to add another layer below it. Choose a fit you like instead of gauging whether you will have room to add a hoodie as well.

Select a coat that suits each activity rather than an all-purpose one if you can. That might not be practical, but sporty winter clothing has to allow for movement in the arms and should not be too lengthy. Certain styles of women’s coats fall past their thighs which is uncomfortable and impractical for activities like skiing and skating. If you must select a single jacket for everything (walking, waiting, moving), let it be about hip-length with a hood. Materials should breathe to let out sweat yet also protect against wind and snow with close-fastening zippers and buttons plus a buffer for your chin and mouth.

Look for lots of pockets to stow keys, a smart phone, wallet, and any other valuables you must take skiing. If you can find a jacket with a detachable hood, this gives you the option to go with or without depending on the circumstances where you will be wearing this jacket.

Great Style in Winter

It is also possible to find coats in numerous colors: grey, yellow, red, purple, and blue, for instance. Black and grey are not your only options. White is available but harder to maintain as it will need to be washed more. Women could spend in excess of $700 on a warm winter coat which is too much for most people.

Set a budget of around $300 to be realistic and hope to keep that price to under $250. Patagonia, Canada Goose, Arc’teryx, and other companies are making some great coats for the 2015/2016 season while some of their 2014/2015 items are probably on sale right now. You could take advantage of a great deal if you don’t mind last year’s styles.

Canada Goose Kensington Parka

The Kensington Parka even sounds posh and it is at over $750. Real fur is the potential detraction but also an attraction to anyone who values the warmth of authentic materials. This is a full-length coat for town use, not activities, and excellent if you live somewhere very cold during the months of November to February.

Arc’teryx Nuri Coat

Here is another long coat bearing horizontal bulges: quilting it’s called, but in long lines to emphasize the female figure. The Nuri is also cut for this purpose with a little pinch in the middle showing off a woman’s waist. This comes in a few colors that include burgundy and is lined with down and synthetics instead of fur, so the cost is lower.

Patagonia DAS Parka

Again, parkas are ideal in cold weather. They puff out like a bird on a tree in effect, offering the kind of warmth one imagines just looking at them. This Patagonia offering comes in lovely colors with a neck baffle for supreme protection. It is built for women who love outdoor activity such as hiking. Elasticized wrists keep snow out and warmth in. This is a warm, durable, cozy, hooded jacket for winter.

Mammut Mitellegi Pro

Choose this item of active-wear if you ski, snow board, or snow shoe. With chest pockets and several other places to store valuables plus Gore-Tex lining, you are ready for any activity, even if that means carrying snack bars for you and the kids.

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