Farm To Table Meal Delivery Services

The idea of Americans eating sustainable sources of food grown domestically, possibly within 100 miles of home, has become the focus of a dream. Environmentally conscientious individuals wish they knew how to achieve this goal and those with money are willing to pay others to help them. They see many advantages to this way of shopping and eating.

Advantages of Farm to Table Eating

Most foods are grown or raised on farms, but they don’t always come directly from the farm to consumers’ tables. Foods stop at processing plants where they are turned into processed meats, frozen fruit, and other processed items. They lose a lot of their value. Many foods are grown on farms which do not use sustainable practices or which are sprayed liberally with chemicals.

Farm to Table meals do not pass through a processing system of this kind. Ingredients are chosen from sustainable farms that are into organic practices. These are farms where non-toxin methods are utilized to tackle weeds and deter wildlife or bugs.

The environment is scarred by emissions from trucks, ships, and trains used to bring food to the country from overseas. Giving US farmers the opportunity to keep their farms rather than sell up and see their land turned into condominiums reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

Within the United States many wonderful fruits and vegetables are grown without having to find sources outside of the country. A farm-sourced meal could begin within 100 miles of the client. At the very least, a company based in, say, California could buy almost all food they prepare and deliver or ship to clients without leaving the state.

Farm to Table Meal Delivery

A company called Paleta, founded by Chef Kelly Boyer, works on the positive principles listed above. She started by producing locally sourced haute cuisine and serving people within her circle. Years later, she runs a successful meal delivery business feted by celebrities.

Boyer survived a form of ovarian cancer which was deemed terminal by the time she was diagnosed. She proved that good food without chemicals could help to heal her. She buys organic, healthy, and natural ingredients which have been bred or harvested without cruelty to animals.

Types of Foods in a Farm to Table Delivery Package

Customers of Paleta opt for one of several packages designed to help them lose weight, maintain a healthy pregnancy, feel good post-pregnancy, eat well for fitness, or to undergo a cleansing regimen. They find it easier to pay someone to prepare daily meals than to figure them out.

A lot of thought goes into the balance of nutrients, calories, and portion sizes. Consumers who use this service can opt to have certain ingredients left out such as dairy, gluten, eggs, nuts, and more. There are Vegan and vegetarian options designed with the support of nutritionists and physicians.

Mind Body Cleanse

This program focuses on eliminating toxins while feeding mind and body. During the cleanse consumers notice a boost in their metabolism which helps them to lose weight. They get rid of processed foods with all of their chemicals and empty calories. One’s skin and hair is sure to be glowing after a few weeks.

Market Menu

Choose this collection of three healthy menus delivered daily. Each package comes with breakfast, lunch, and dinner plus one or two healthy snacks. No one at Paleta wants customers to feel hungry and compelled to hit the corner store for Twinkies.

Packaging Break Down

Paleta packaging is made from materials which can either be recycled or will break down. While the cost of each meal plan is expensive compared to what a person could do at home, these prices pay for “green” containers that will not contribute to the heaping piles of waste already in landfills.

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