How To Remove Fluoride From Tap Water Using A Water Filter

A long time ago when people’s dental health was not as good as it should be, clever people at city works’ departments and health agencies came up with a plan. They decided to add fluoride to drinking water. Fluoride is used during regular cleanings and checkups by dentists so patients’ teeth stay clean longer. You find it in toothpaste and mouthwash. There’s one thing you should never do with fluoride, however, and that’s to swallow it.

Proven Fluoride Problems

Consumers have formed action groups to have fluoride removed from municipal water for the following reasons:

• fluoride is found in toothpaste and mouthwash
• they can’t limit how much they receive except by drinking less water
• fluoride might not be helpful in supporting dental health after all
• it can cause issues with bone health and even cancer
• studies have connected fluoride to problems with brain health
• fluoride is suspected to affect the thyroid
• fertility problems could be linked to fluoride

These findings are the results of independent scientific and medical studies carried out over several years on the behalf of organizations against adding fluoride to water, and most people in the United States are exposed to this chemical in their tap water.

How to Remove Fluoride from Tap Water

Most people who know or suspect the dangers of fluoride do one or both of two things to mitigate the problem:

• they drink bottled water
• they filter their water

There are filters which home or business owners can apply directly to their taps, but these are expensive. Filtered jugs also eliminate some of the fluoride a family consumes when they drink several glasses of water daily.

Filtered Water Brands and Claims

Many companies go only so far as to claim they reduce the presence of fluoride and other harmful particles found in drinking water. They won’t give consumers any numbers in some instances. Others are willing to state percentages and have gone to some trouble in order to independently test their filters against others. Clearly Filtered is a new company claiming to take out 90% of fluoride with their special filtration system.

Exciting Patented Technology

Clearly Filtered Water PitcherThis system also removes almost all of the chromium 6, mercury, and lead found in tap water: heavy metals associated with cancer. Chlorine is virtually removed using the Clearly Filtered system. Customers receive these benefits and pay less per gallon than they do when buying the competitors’ products: just 35c per gallon as opposed to as much as 83c. Regular replacement of filters is essential, but you could enjoy as much as 200 gallons of virtually toxin-free water with every filter. Clearly Filtered provides a non-leaching, BPA-free jug and a VIP program that reduces how much you pay for replacement filters plus free shipping.

Trustworthy, Ethical Company

Customers are not satisfied these days just to know the quality of their products is high; they want to be sure the background of that firm is also positive. Ethics matter to them. The people who operate Clearly Filtered are enthusiastic about good health and positive lifestyles, not just pure drinking water. They give a portion of proceeds to charity. Clearly Filtered is run by men and women of various ages whose pictures are posted on the website. Look into the faces of these healthy men and women and you can see: the truth about water matters as much to them as it does to you.

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(Note: We do promote Clearly Filtered here on, and if you want to check out our article about how we feel it compares to Brita, another well-known brand, you can check it out HERE.)

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