DO-IT-YOURSELF!! Gazebo Kits – Beautiful and Pre-Cut!!!

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There’s nothing like a do-it-yourself gazebo kit from Countryside Gazebos to make you feel like you’ve REALLY accomplished something and built something not only useful, but beautiful for your yard! We live in an area where we LOVE to be outdoors, but sometimes the bugs can wreak havoc on what would otherwise be an absolutely gorgeous evening (or morning). So, after studying the various gazebo kits out there, we saw Countryside Gazebos, and really liked their styles, and the fact that they have screens! (You don’t have to have screens on yours, but it’s a must-have for us)

do-it-yourself gazebo kit Best Gazebo for the Money!

do-it-yourself gazebo kit Best Gazebo for the Money!

If you look at a variety of sites, you see a wide range of prices, and we decided that Countryside Gazebos pretty much offers the best gazebo for the money. They have a number of styles – and their best sellers fall into a “Select Styles” gazebo category – and there are considerable savings with these models because they’re already configured (versus you designing one from scratch). I just took a screenshot to give you a glimpse of what they offer – and as of this writing, you can see that there are pretty good discounts on them (well over $200 per gazebo).

You can look at so many other styles as well – they have Old World and Amish gazebo kits, and of course, their country-style gazebos at great prices.

Now, if you are NOT really wanting a do-it-yourself gazebo kit, but would prefer a prefab gazebo or, rather, pre-assembled one, Countryside Gazebos offers this option.  They also have a neat little interactive tool where you can “virtually” build your own by clicking a few choices (for example, octagon, oval, or rectangle – and the image pops up on the screen). You can choose pressure treated #1 Southern Yellow Pine, virtually Maintenance Free Vinyl, or naturally durable Architectural Grade Western Red Cedar (my personal preference because my house is cedar shingled, but actually, they all look nice).

Once you choose your style and material, you choose your roof style – standard with or without cupola, pagoda style with or without cupola, then the material (asphalt is my choice), and then roof color, and on and on… You can opt for vinyl windows, screens, or no coverings. You then see a rendition of your gazebo design, as well as the price! Voila!

Everything is pre-cut, and hardware is also included. Because this is a building, it will be shipped by flatbed truck. The site has answers to most of the Frequently Asked Questions that you may have as well.

So, if you are in the market for a pre-assembled OR do it yourself gazebo kit, you’ll love shopping Countryside Gazebos! (Get the screens! You won’t be sorry!)


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