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I’m so excited by the new VWriter Content Marketing System by the one & only Steve Shaw, that I couldn’t even wait to prepare my VWriter review! I just HAVE to get this to you right NOW.

If you have a blog or other website you are working to promote, and are trying to figure out where to find the time to:

1) Write your content (which we need to emphasize is valuable information for your readers and customers),
2) Distribute it to your Social Media outlets whether it’s Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest or whatever,
3) Get your posts or articles made into SlideShare and YouTube videos and posted – or to figure out an efficient method to assign the tasks to your staff, assistant, or outsourcer,
4) Order and/or Offer guest posting services, and
5) Pull it all into a well-planned strategy and then actually IMPLEMENT that strategy, then I have very, very good news for you.

The VWriter “Be Everywhere” content marketing tool is for you. You already know that “Content is King.” AND… if you run an SEO firm, you’re going to really dig this system. In fact, anyone who needs help in publicizing and promoting their websites and social media presence will dig this.

VWriter Content Marketing System Best Practices - VWriter Review

VWriter Content Marketing System Best Practices – VWriter Review

Steve Shaw, for those of you who have been involved in internet marketing for a few years, is the mastermind behind the old Submit Your Article platform, which back in the day was the premier automated articles submission tool, has been working for months on the VWriter “Be Everywhere” content management system. This is NOT “IFTTT” – which I also use and enjoy for certain applications. If one were to compare VWriter vs IFTTT, I would have to say that there really isn’t any comparison since IFTTT has certain limitations and we are not even talking about the same animal – but, if one HAD to say there were similarities when it comes to automatically sharing content, I’d say that VWriter is content management on steroids.

I am going to write a full VWriter review, AND I’m getting ready to film a video review as well so that I can take you behind the scenes. But, I was just in my VWriter account, and totally blown away by the ease of use. Trust me. If I can figure this out, ANYONE can. Steve – besides being one of the most ethical entrepreneurs I think I’ve ever had the pleasure of doing business with (the others are the guys I work with here and on a few other projects), is also someone who operates with integrity beyond measure. He’s honest and brilliant. There is just something about Steve that I have greatly admired ever since I first bought his Submit Your Article subscription.VWriter content marketing system best practices

Part of it is how much value Steve gives his clients. Which is a lot.

So, as of today, VWriter is not only a place where you can schedule publishing projects – such as posts to your blog, getting an article submitted to places such as, and more, you can also ORDER expertly written content for either.03 or .05 cents per word! This is a little more sophisticated than The Content Authority, which I also use a lot. I promise to show the demo of that as well in my VWriter review video.

It’s a monthly subscription, with levels of membership for every budget and project size. Here’s the quick rundown:

Bronze Level – $39.95/month – This gives you up to 5 content sources (such as feeds), 3 Social Media Accounts that you can link to, and 1 pen name (for article submissions).

Silver Level – $59.95/month – This gives you up to 20 content sources, 10 Social Media accounts, and 3 pen names. This level appears to be the most popular subscription.

Gold Level – $99.95/month – This gives you up to 50 content sources, UNLIMITED Social Media accounts, 10 pen names, and unlimited number of team members that you can be managing within the platform (such as “when Article XYZ posts to the blog, notify team member ABC that it’s ready to turn into a video…” stuff like that). Gold Level is really for power users.

VWriter is definitely going to be a game-changer considering how organized your content curation and management will become. Actually, I am considering this to be the new example for content marketing system best practices. Please check it out through our promotional link (thank you for your support, by the way!), and I think you’ll be impressed at how much is packed into this system.

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