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Crowdfunding has brought a new product to fruition: SKINNERS, a very special make of sock. They were created by a small group of visionaries with a simple goal: provide socks that are good for every sort of adventure and which pamper your feet. They do more than pamper; these socks protect feet too.

SKINNERS: Socks for Adventurers

What’s wrong with ordinary socks? They don’t last. They fall down when you are in the middle of doing something active. They slip on the floor and provide zero protection.

Socks also smell bad, especially after an hour of roller blading or running. SKINNERS were designed to improve your athletic performance so you are not hindered by something as simple as a slipping sock.

Take your shoes off without embarrassment. They will help you do more and do it better, whatever “it” might be. At Indiegogo, where SKINNERS are listed, the makers say you can wear them to go rollerblading, running, climbing, hiking, cycling, and more.

A runner is pictured in the images on this Indiegogo page too and they mention yoga. Wear any kind of footwear such as soccer cleats or tough hiking boots; running shoes or cycling shoes. They will all fit comfortably with SKINNERS.

Sporting Advantages

When it comes to general fitness classes, yoga, Pilates, etc., socks can be a downer. You are not usually able to wear them as they slip on smooth surfaces. These new socks have grip, however, and also protect feet without need of shoes.

Heavy hiking boots offer excellent protection in the rocky, spiky, craggy areas where you go hiking. After the shoes come off, however, you can still wander around your immediate area wearing only socks and feel protected against stinging insects or spiky sticks. You do not need the protection of hiking boots anymore away from heavy rocks, but caution is still warranted at a public campground.

Run or train in other sports with a sock that protects and nurtures your foot. SKINNERS are comfortable and prevent strain in your feet which can cause pain and curtail your usual training season.

Sedentary Pursuits

You can’t always be moving around, but your feet will suffer if they are not protected when you are stuck in your seat on a train, airplane, or at the office. Their comfortable fit will promote better circulation than ordinary socks can provide. Wear them for long-distance traveling and for the office.

As an additional benefit, SKINNERS allow you to take your shoes off so that your feet breathe. They enable you to walk around without smelly feet bothering anyone because these are odor-preventing socks. Feet feel cozy, warm, but they do not become over-warm and sweaty.

Crowdfunding Success

After running a crowdfunding campaign, the makers of SKINNERS raised more than 6 times the capital they required to make and sell this product: over $1M. Customers can purchase these socks in various colors for $40 per pair, $75 for two, or $110 for three when you shop with Indiegogo.

Retail prices are marginally higher. Don’t forget to add shipping costs as well. Customers are already lining up, but delivery is not slated until March of 2017. Anyone living in the Northern Hemisphere will be supplied their high-tech socks before the running and hiking seasons are in full swing. Buy this sock in larger-sized packages and have it delivered in time to organize a successful Easter outing with the whole family. There are sizes to suit everyone.

Great Gift

View the profile of SKINNERS on Indiegogo where they provide a video demonstration of just how durable and protective a pair of socks can be. If you get socks as a present next year for your birthday and they happen to be SKINNERS, don’t feel let-down; they make a great present indeed.

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