Wicked Lasers: A Gift For The Guy With Everything

Based in Hong Kong and South Korea, Wicked Lasers knows what a guy likes: technology. If it’s got batteries there’s half a chance we are going to be interested, even if we don’t quite know why. Eventually we find a use for all of our toys and tools, though, including items like the Torch, Nano, Arctic, and Krypton available from Wicked Lasers. Not in the military? Not a hunger? No problem: every man needs a flashlight, even if only for those “what if” situations he’s always telling the wife about.

Their starting point was a portable laser you could hold in your hand with up to 45mW output costing around $300. Technology has become cheaper and smaller, though, so for the same price a customer can do so much more or he can upgrade price and size to achieve 300mW for about $2,000 if he knows what to do with it. Wicked Lasers makes devices emitting light of various colors including green, purple, and blue. Their Sonar 100mW laser, priced around $2,000, uses the same technology as the earliest Blu-Ray players. They designed the world’s first handheld laser with a TEC cooling feature before moving on to Photonic Disrupters used in the military and the most powerful flashlight money can buy with a 100W halogen bulb.

Wicked Lasers Arctic Spyder 3By 2013, Wicked Lasers was ready to launch the Phosforce Attachment for their Arctic Spyder 3 Laser Flashlight. This utilizes technology seen in the finest automobiles to create 500 lumens of light. Are you salivating? If not, here’s something to get excited about: The Spyder 3 Arctic Blue Handheld Laser.

Smart Blue Laser

Wicked Lasers doesn’t mess around with ordinary gadgets. Their Spyder 3 is a functional flashlight more powerful than an LED device and made from material that might break if you blew it up. Aircraft-grade aluminum is tough stuff. It’s almost impossible to destroy by simply dropping it or running it over with your truck. Wicked Lasers utilizes the latest laser diode, more advanced than the one in their Sonar device, but also provides adjustable output so you don’t have to go full bore all the time.

Who needs or even wants a regular white light anymore when you can have a blue one? Here’s an easy way to tell which dad on the street has the best flashlight: yours is made with a fluorescent strike-bezel tip that glows blue. Shine it right at the tip of your daughter’s boyfriend’s shoes as he approaches from the car to pick her up. He’ll quake in his sneakers knowing what a laser can do.  BUY IT -> Arctic Spyder 3


The Spyder 3 operates in momentary, constant, strobe, or bypass mode. There’s an LED display depicting your remaining battery power too. The Spyder 3 uses Phosforce to turn your blue laser into a regular white flashlight; no longer dangerous but more powerful and high-tech than anything your dad ever used. Apply the Expander for a multi-focus effect and make it appear the whole family has come out to give that boyfriend the third degree. It’s powerful but safe with a cipher-lock built in to keep out unwanted users who could waste the battery or hurt someone playing James Bond in the dark: that’s your job.

Wicked Lasers Krypton 900mWKrypton, 900mW

Even Superman has his weakness and the Krypton Laser Flashlight could be it. Again, this thing is almost impossible to destroy. Wicked Lasers provides a beam that won’t grow dim throughout the life of its battery. It supplies 9 modes including Tactical, Stroke, Constant, and SOS. Are you an extreme outdoorsman or a hunter? Stay safe and guide crews to your side if you get lost or injured with this high-tech safety feature. BUY IT -> Krypton 900mW


Nano Tech

The Nano is a compact version of the items above with a strong laser that won’t lose its strength as long as the battery is charged. Again, aircraft-grade aluminum provides a durable chassis but it’s small and inexpensive; a stocking-stuff among lasers. The beam is still razor sharp, so don’t play around.

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