The North Face Outdoor Adventure Clothing

When The North Face started out, their aim was to clothe and equip men and women mountaineers. Their name is inspired by their purpose: protecting mountain climbers even in extreme conditions on the coldest face of a mountain. This name is also a clue to their origins in North Beach, San Francisco, California. In 1966, they could hardly have imagined their success nearly 60 years later.

the north face logoThe North Face Success

Now you can’t go anywhere there are active men, women, and children without seeing a North Face logo for more than about twenty minutes. That mountaineering side of their original goal is still part of the North Face audience. Climbers continue to trust this brand with their comfort in all climates.

These days, however, this company’s scope is much larger. Some of their clients are runners. Many compete in running and cycling races. The North Face online catalogue is extensive, covering outer clothes, shoes, backpacks, yoga gear, and more.

The North Face Website

That is why their website has to be broken up into numerous sections: otherwise, navigation would be a nightmare. Imagine trying to find a simple vest in the color blue for a child or a pair of running/hiking shoes for a woman, size 8, in gray.

As you know, a well-worn path is important along touch terrain. There has to be order to prevent chaos when choice is so considerable, and The North Face provides it. As always, they have their customers’ comfort in mind, even if this is the armchair sort of comfort related to shopping.

Types of Products

Select jackets, vests, backpacks, tops, or pants. Women can browse dresses and skirts. Both sexes are offered a choice of shorts, hats, mittens, and scarves. There are duffle bags, sleeping bags, tents, and you can be sure these are not your ordinary items of camping gear. The North Face designs products for heavy use in difficult conditions whether that means exposure to wind and rain or very low temperatures.

Protective but Stylish Jackets

This section alone provides a good snapshot of the extent of The North Face selection. Men’s jackets come past the hip or stop at the hip, are flat or quilted, fleece-lined or weather-resistant and light, but always great looking.

Actually, all jackets at The North Face are light because they specialize in technical clothing; fabrics and manufacturing methods which keep cold out, allow users’ skin to breathe, are warm, but which remain light.

Choose a color: there are 66 black men’s jackets, 63 blue ones, and 57 grey items to choose from. Orange, yellow, purple, and brown are just four more out of several shades. Select a size and a purpose: mountain climbing, snow boarding, running, etc. Opt for long sleeves, ¼ zips or ½ zips, hooded and non-hooded items.

Women’s jackets are also available in several colors, but there are more purple offerings (61) than the men have. Select synthetic, recyclable, or packable clothing (a jacket that can be folded very small.) Women’s selection of jackets is similar to that of men but with a little more shape and femininity.

Technical Materials

The Thermoball series by The North Face utilizes special synthetic material which acts like down but is more versatile and remains warm even when wet. Vests and coats are light, can be folded very small, and come in several colors.

Fuse Form is a style of weather-resistant but breathable outdoor clothing. It uses thick threads with low density material for a durable seam and low weight.

The Ultra line is their style of shoe for trail runners. While running shoes are light but supportive, they are no match for rugged and uneven surfaces. Hiking boots, however, lack the flexibility of a running shoe and are heavy. The Ultra line combines top qualities from both types of shoe so that trail runners can rely on support without a heavy piece of footwear holding them back or reducing their flexibility.

Mountain Athletics is all about mountaineering. This series is durable with welded seams for the harshest climates and conditions.

The North Face Shopping

It’s not hard to find this brand in regular shops all over North America. Most respectable department and sports stores stock at least some of their gear and will order in anything you can’t see. When sizing, colors, and specific items are hard to find, though, you might consider shopping online. Shipping is free once you hit $99, which is a piece of cake. Most of their coats cost at least that much but you won’t regret this investment in warm gear as temperatures plunge this winter.

Contact Details

Keep in touch with The North Face. Their Endurance Challenge Team is based in Dallas, TX, and only deals with enquiries to do with their team. Warranties are handled in San Leandro, CA, but contact the company wherever you are with questions. They look after customer concerns the same way they have always cared for clients overall: with commitment to quality.

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