Survival Frog Solar Air Lantern Cube: Compact For Crisis

If you needed any more evidence of how amazing solar energy is, then take a look at the Survival Frog Solar Air Lantern Cube. This is another example of how the sun, when harnessed correctly, can be used to create energy when we need it most: this time to provide light when the sun goes down. This technology becomes more amazing all the time. Take a look at specifications for the Solar Air Lantern Cube.Survival Frog Solar Air Lantern Cube

Out of Thin Air?

Survival Frog indicates that the Solar Air Lantern Cube makes light out of thin air, but that is not exactly true. It produces light by converting photovoltaic energy from the sun into battery power which then energizes 10 LED bulbs. Here is another amazing product: the highly durable and low-temperature Light Emitting Diode (LED). LED lights are stable and long-lasting. Add a Lithium Ion battery and you don’t get a bundle of heavy machinery: just a lightweight, amazing product.

Compact, Portable

One of the best things about the Solar Air Lantern Cube is that it flattens down to an incredibly small package: just one inch high. When you inflate the cube, it measures 4 inches square to resemble a new-fangled style of lantern with handles. It is merely the size of your hand and weighs a quarter of a pound.

Building a Survival Kit

These are important facts when establishing your survival kit. What goes in and what has to be left behind? Anything that takes up space and weighs too much is likely to be abandoned if you have to flee in the face of a natural disaster. The Solar Air Lantern Cube is one of those items you can safely stow in your survival box, a back pack, or even carry around by its convenient handles. Give it to one of the children to carry: they won’t notice it’s there. Even though LED flashlights are also light, this kit is more powerful for its weight and size compared with a large flashlight.

Interesting and Illuminating

The Solar Air Lantern Cube will operate for up to 12 hours if it is fully charged with solar energy. That is 12 hours of water-proof light — 80 lumens according to the manufacturer — for emergencies, camping trips, or even just for fun. Apparently, 80 lumens is the equivalent of a 60W light bulb. Can you think of a lamp in your house which uses one of these? It’s the standard light bulb size actually: plenty to read at night.

Keep the battery charged though: you would not want to need it in a crisis and find the cell is worn out from evenings telling stories and drinking cocoa by the atmospheric light of a low-energy lantern when there was no emergency.

Buy the Solar Air Lantern Cube

Another amazing fact about the Solar Air Lantern Cube is that it costs so little to buy one. Survival Frog has it listed for about $25 (and, we have a link that gets it to you for less! Check it out HERE!): a great low price when you think about the value of this product. The Solar Air Lantern Cube from Survival Frog is durable and should last for many years and will also withstand the rigors of a survival situation.

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