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Lenovo And The Next Generation Of Tablets

Lenovo has forged a relationship with the makers of ThinkPad, a laptop designed by Japanese innovators. Their designs woo many in the IT field because they rise to industrial and professional standards while remaining light and user-friendly for personal use. Many of their more expensive models are multi-functional, multi-mode, customizable machines. We are going to take a look at three of them in the following article: the Yoga 12, the ThinkPad E455, and the ThinkPad W550. These are three of several new models currently available online from Lenovo in three different price brackets. (Note: Please check our Lenovo Store here for any current coupons and specials. We update the site when we are notified of the company’s promotions. Thank you!)

ThinkPad E455: Less than $600

We like this Lenovo Thinkpad E455 Tablet - very affordable at under $500!A relatively inexpensive, simple design is the $549 E455 with Windows 8.1 and an A Series Processor. Its 65-bit operating system provides a streamlined, professional appearance, so if you are not a technological rock star playing (though ostensibly designing) RPGs as a career, the ThinkPad E455 is perfectly good value in the office or on the road.

Wireless Tablet

In fact, it is a wireless product with 6.5-hour battery life, so there is no reason you can’t take it traveling for business or pleasure. The keyboard is fixed so one cannot lighten the load by removing it. Hard drive is HDD: no SSD options in this case, and just 500GB (half of the Yoga 12). Yet, just think of how much money you are saving by going a little old-school.

Keyboard Joy

A full-sized keyboard prevents the frustrations of switching from PC to laptop keyboard, hitting all the wrong keys, and spending half your time correcting mistakes. It is also a spill-proof keyboard which should prove to be very handy for those who drink and eat while working. ThinkPad’s E455 design uses a single cable: no cord spaghetti in your future here.

ThinkPad Yoga 12: Under $1500

Pictured is the Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga 12 for under $1,000Out of the three machines mentioned, this is the middle one. Without rebates the price for a standard device without some of the optional upgrades is $1299. Lenovo describes the Yoga 12, 2nd Generation ThinkPad as a business tablet: professional-looking with features to support the needs of professionals who do not conduct business behind a desk all the time. They need a laptop that is ready to go, like this one with its skinny 0.74″ screen and 4-mode usability.

Four Modes

Switch into tent mod where the computer is propped up like a pup-tent. Turn it into a stand, a tablet (where the keyboard is removed), or use the Yoga 12 like a regular laptop. The keyboard locks automatically when you switch over to touch-screen mode. Pen support is optional if you wish to write directly onto the screen using a special stylus. If you have never operated a multi-mode tablet before, be aware that you will probably never go back once that freedom is yours.

Inside the Beast

Internal features include up to 5th Generation i7 Intel, possibly Windows 8.1 (your choice), and 5500 Intel HD Graphics. Select up to 1TB of HDD or as much as 256G5 SSD (equal to a gaming computer). The battery will keep working for 8 hours when it’s fully charged. Sound processing by Dolby will come crisp and clear through your headphone (there is a combo headphone/microphone jack).


The four modes make this a highly flexible device for use at work, for carrying in a briefcase between job sites or offices, and for applications in many arenas where a heavier laptop just isn’t practical. The price, however, is prohibitive, especially when you realize that $1299 is the base price. Still, graphics quality and its massive memory support advanced applications for a website or computer game designer who would be expected to pay at least this much.

ThinkPad W550: Over $1500

Nice tablet - the Lenovo ThinkPad W550This could be the most expensive model available from Lenovo and from ThinkPad unless customizations raise the Yoga 12 over this bar. For $1569, your tablet is military grade. Yes, regular people can use it too, but they might find the price they pay for specifications the Army, Navy, and Air Force appreciate put this out of their price range and are, frankly, wasted in the life of a regular user. Although one can imagine a 15 year-old boy pestering his mother to buy him one so he can play Black Ops, gaming is not what this tablet computer is for. Not many game designers or freelance writers require their tablet to endure high or low pressure (think subs and jets), humidity (think England), vibration, temperature extremes, shock, or dust (consider the needs of explosives experts in military or industrial situations).

Comfort at Work

An ergonomic keyboard reduces stress associated with twisting one’s hands all day long into unnatural positions to find letters and numbers. Noise canceling microphones support work in busy, potentially dangerous environments where all of the above testing standards would be relevant. Those include industrial settings where building or demolition takes place.

Powered Up

Internal battery power lasts 13 hours with a removable backup cell for 6 hours so you don’t shut down if caught out in the middle of a situation where the last thing on your mind was recharging a tablet. The ThinkPad W550 comes with a mechanical charging dock to restore its internal battery.

Security Sensitive

Considering the sensitive work anyone concerned with extreme conditions might experience, it makes sense to offer a fingerprint reader. This feature is optional so your investment might cost more than $1569. You only receive 500GB HDD: in this case HDD makes sense. The fewer extra parts (like external memory) you need with your military-grade computer, the better.


The ThinkPad W550 is connected to Bluetooth V.4 with Dolby Surround Sound so you can keep in touch with command central or mom and dad when on the road. A 15.6″ FHD Display is fantastic for Skype and other visual conferencing systems when you can’t make it back to the board meeting. Over 100 apps in place when you buy this machine add the possibility of entertainment when business is over and fun and games can start.

We hope this has been helpful to you! If you’d like to check to see what specials are being offered by Lenovo, we list the current promotions at our Lenovo storefront here. Thank you!

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