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Because I own a Varidesk (BTW, no matter what ANYONE says, there ARE NO Varidesk Coupon Codes!), I’m naturally drawn to this solution, and feel very qualified to include Varidesk reviews. I’ve owned a Varidesk for about 4 years, and am about to buy another.

Anyway, company other  makes several versions of this desktop accessory designed to improve the quality of an office employee’s working day (or, to improve a self-employed person’s day – and being self-employed, I can attest!). These can also be utilized by students spending many hours studying pages after pages of online text.

Being able to stand or sit reduces many of the physical problems experienced by these individuals such as stiffness, headaches, circulation problems, and sleepiness on the job. Cut back on coffee by raising or lowering your work space 🙂 (In case you’re wondering, I drink no more than 1 – 1 1/2 cups of coffee on any given day, and a cup or 2 of tea is good for me any time!).

(Before we continue – we already have a few Varidesks listed here at – Check out ALL CURRENT LISTINGS HERE.

What Are Some Advantages of Owning a Varidesk or one of its Accessories?

There are plenty of choices for one thing. They range in width so you can buy a 30-, 36-, or 48-inch example and even a corner unit, so if your workspace is tucked into a corner of the office or your bedroom as it is for me sometimes, depending on where I’m living, it is still possible to utilize that space efficiently and comfortably.

Secondly, the desktop can go with you to another office or study space without having to take an entire desk. It’s compatible with all types of desks (or tables) because it does not affix to the desk; instead, this office tool is constructed in such a way as to remain balanced and stable at all times.

Another perk is that you don’t need tools to set it up. NOW we’re talking! If you look at my original videos about the Varidesk, you’ll see what I mean (I’m including a video here, below, so you can see it set up when I first bought it.).

The Varidesk arrives in a flat pack. Employ a spring-loaded part which will raise two surfaces — one for a keyboard, the other for a monitor (if you get the newer versions). This requires no screws or tools and no muscle. Seriously. I was able to do it, and while I’m not very weak, I don’t have tons of muscle, either. So, I could do it without any help (although my husband offered, and watched as I moved it out of the box and on to my tabletop).

Don’t forget the multiple sizes which not only enable one to spread workspace wider but which, in their widest format, also provide a second surface for another monitor, notebook, or laptop. With holes on either side cut neatly into the exterior in the newer models, cables will not be dangling over your area either.

The keyboard surface is cut away slightly so you can lean into your typing job fully and press closer to the screen. These accessories cost from $500 and under and can be delivered directly to your home or office. Again, they don’t way a ton either, a miracle of modern materials. Each surface is shiny and easy to clean (which is perfect for me since I live in a dusty environment).

More from Varidesk

The company has also released a series of monitor arms. One of them holds your VESA monitor (the standard size and configuration) while attached to any sort of desktop edge no more than 2 inches wide. The other two versions are proprietary and only fit a Varidesk. You can lift two monitors off the desk at a time and adjust the height so it is at standing height, sitting height, or adjust so someone with different measurements can work at your desk with the Varidesk instead.

Compare with the Competition

Ok… I need to be fair and balanced in case I sound like I should be on a Varidesk infomercial (hint hint! Varidesk, are you listening?? I’m not saying I WOULDN’T be willing!)

Anyway, the Rocelco ADR is also adjustable and offers a sit-or-stand configuration to the office worker tired of neck and back pain. This is also a riser, like the Varidesk, so not a piece of furniture in its own right. Rocelco’s accessory offers a weight limit a little above that of the Varidesk Pro Plus 48 which holds up to 45 lbs as opposed to 50 lbs for the Rocelco – a definite “plus” for Rocelco. The 32-inch Rocelco ADR provides a retractable tray for the keyboard, but not cut away ergonomically for comfort as the Varidesk keyboard surface is. Consumers are encouraged to place two monitors on top in spite of its narrow size while Varidesk only suggests adding a second device at 36-inch and 48-inch widths. You don’t have to add a second monitor to the Rocelco, but if you did it would be cramped compared with Varidesk’s version.

Top height for the Rocelco is a little less than the Varidesk at 16.3 inches versus 17.5 inches. Choose from just 4 options instead of 11 which is what Varidesk offers. Neither one requires tools or assembly and they are both designed to do the same job: make office work more comfortable. The advantages above apply to Rocelco’s product too, but it is not as high-tech in appearance. Images indicate that they are both made from anodized metal which is glossy and easy to clean, but the mechanisms of a Rocelco are more mechanical and industrial; it’s simply not as sleek, but economical at $215 compared with $495 for the 48 and $375 for the Pro Plus 30 by Varidesk.

X-Elite offers a similar product which, like the models mentioned above, enables consumers to work while sitting or standing. It’s even smaller, though, with a 28″ x 20″ option that would best suit a very cramped office or bedroom, perhaps a very small person too. Unfortunately, the size of a desktop does not affect the size of a monitor or keyboard. One who works with a laptop, however, would find this size just dandy.

Instead of spring-loading, offered by Varidesk, X-Elite supplies a pump-assisted means of lifting the desk. It rises to only 16 inches with a 7-inch minimum without pulling the item apart, unscrewing anything, or needing a single tool, so very tall people will miss the additional 1.5 inches. An X-Elite Pro holds less than half what a Varidesk or Rocelco can manage; only 20 pounds. It’s also affordable at $220 or so. Mechanically, the appearance is very different from that of the other two. This is more like a TV tray with the carry case used to offer support at the base. Two sets of arms cross at the front and back to hold it up.


All of these products have received some very good reviews from consumers but also some cautions. The X-Elite, for example, doesn’t rest low enough for sitting to work, so one will have to choose the standing position or take the feature away to sit and type. The Rocelco is not as easy to raise and lower as their explanation suggests, so at first it will take some time to become used to the adjustment mechanism. One highlight of the Rocelco is that it’s very sturdy and works extremely well for sitting or standing. A bonus is that it costs far less than a Varidesk alternative.

On the other hand, Varidesk clients have also been impressed – I’m not the only one who sings its praises. One caveat, however, is that very tall people won’t find the very tallest setting much help. They might be able to use the X-Elite at its lowest while sitting though, thanks to their taller torsos. My husband, at 6’1″ says that at its highest setting, he’s okay with it, but those of you who might be a little taller might need to look at this more closely.

Phew! Well… that about exhausts this topic, I think – and I’m getting ready to list each one of these sit/stand workstations here at I have a few of them already listed – and incidentally – I know I mentioned it earlier, but there are NO – NONE – ZILCH “promo” or “coupon codes” for the Varidesk. I have asked. I have begged. 🙂 Seriously, they are truly dedicated to ensuring that EVERYONE pays the exact same amount for their desk (unless you have a bulk order, in which case, you can contact them directly to see if there might be a discount for that).

Ready to buy a Varidesk (or anything else from Amazon?)

SO… with that said, if you found this – or any other of our reviews – at all helpful, the only way we are compensated for any of this is by way of whatever commissions the vendors, or in this case, Amazon, pays us. And, if you DO decide to purchase the Varidesk (or any other desk or Amazon item) from Amazon, we are grateful to you if you should decide to use our link. Your confidentiality is guaranteed – we receive NO information about ANYONE who purchases through our links. Thank you so much for your consideration!

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