Fitness Tracking Devices

Fitness trackers look like watches, but they do much more than a watch can. In fact, many of these electronic products do not tell the time: everything but.

There are some excellent products out there, but if you are shopping on a tight budget you can still buy a decent but simple device that still performs the most basic and essential function: tracking your fitness. It might not tell you where you are on a map: if that’s what you want, there are several great GPS watches on the market too.

Some Brands Worth Tracking

As you hunt down fitness tracking devices, keep these names in mind: Microsoft, Garmin, Tom Tom, and Samsung. Familiar names like these represent excellent products for assorted budgets and people with multiple needs. You know what the companies are capable of in other fields: give them a try as fitness products too.

Many consumers just want to know how many steps they are taking and be reminded to move when they sit still for too long. Some customers are fitness fanatics or training for events which require a lot of motivation and direction to stay on track.

The Fitbit

This is one of the most well known fitness trackers on the market.

There is a nice selection of different colors and products to choose from:


There is a wide array of prices with The Fitbit, and so you will find something to meet your needs, whether you are just looking for a few basic types of tracking like distance and calories, or something more extensive that also tracks heart rate, has a GPS etc.



The Garmin VivoSmart

This device costs less than $200 and is made by a name best known for its GPS devices.

Garmin VivoSmart

The VivoSmart tracks steps when you go for a walk or just move around the house cleaning, counts calories burned, and tells the user how long she slept. If you sit around for too long, it even buzzes an alarm to get you out of your chair. The Garmin VivoSmart is Android and IOS compatible.


Jawbone Up

Present your girlfriend or daughter with this $50 product which looks pretty in one of several colors. Its LED screen shows steps, calories burned, and tells you how much sleep you got.

Jawbone Up

Connect it to the Smart Coach App. The Jawbone Up is perfect for someone who wants to lose weight by adjusting her lifestyle in simple, practical ways like learning how many calories she burned vs. those she consumed and determining how active she is performing everyday tasks.


The Moov Fitness Tracker

For a little more money, you can own a water-proof fitness tracking device without the sleep monitoring function: one of only a few not to count your zzz’s, it seems.

Moov Fitness Tracker

The Moov (priced around $70) works with IOS and uses a 3D motion sensor. A coach’s voice prompts you as you exercise and motivates the wearer. Certain types of exercise have been programmed into current models with more coming in 2015.


Samsung Gear Fit

Use this $200 Smart Watch away from water: it is only splash-proof in spite of the cost so not for swimmers.

Samsung Gear Fit

Android compatibility enables you to receive notifications if phone calls or online communication arrive while you are working out. The touch screen is curved, it reads your heart rate, and the only thing it can’t seem to do is cook dinner. Samsung is a reliable name in technology: give them a shot in this arena and they look set to impress judging by reviews.


Tom Tom Runner Cardio

This most expensive item in the list costing below $300 allows the runner to monitor her training progress without the use of a chest strap (you would have needed one up until now to do everything the Tom Tom Runner Cardio is capable of).

Tom Tom Runner Cardio

You can swim with this thing on your wrist so it is ideal for triathlon training. The monitor tracks your route, altitude, and running pace while keeping track of your heart rate. All of these factors determine the true extent of your workout, not just distance and speed. The Runner Cardio is compatible with Android and IOS.


Two More $200 Machines

Select the Microsoft Band Trainer or a Basis Peak for your loved one in training. The Peak is a watch with an easy-to-read LCD screen.

Basis Peak


It shows your steps, heart rate, sleep pattern, running, and cycling progress, but you are not expected to change the mode manually: the Peak does that automatically. It is even water-resistant.

With the Microsoft Band, you can download training routines for inspiration and direction.

Microsoft Band

The screen tells you how often to perform a move, when to take a break, and what to do next. All you have to do is pay attention. There is a GPS in your Microsoft Band too, in case you get lost while lifting weights or doing sit-ups.

The Microsoft Band connects to your Windows phone, IOS, or Android mobile device, but the big deal here is that it’s from Microsoft: a trusted name in technology.


Prices for Fitness Tracking Devices

All of these devices are sold by several authorized vendors with prices for each one spread widely. Your main concern is to purchase an authentic device from an authorized distributor so you get the real item, not a clone, and are also eligible for warranty.

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