Clearly Filtered vs Brita: New Boy vs. The Giant

Brita is the water-filtration giant, represented around the world with headquarters in the USA and Germany. They got their start almost 4 decades ago and have been a trusted name in water purification for household use. The company still provides a good product and they have certainly made water safer for consumers. We have had one in our own house for years. But a new kid on the block is about to challenge their supremacy with a better product: Clearly Filtered. They got their start much more recently and this young company is run by a relatively young but enthusiastic CEO/President. And now we have one of THESE in our house. You’ll see why in a moment.

Clearly Filtered Water Filtration Jugs

The Clearly Filtered product line includes replacement filters and water bottles. They are managed by an assortment of young and mature men and women who feel strongly that water should be cleaner. The company is particularly concerned about the presence of fluoride in water. Scientists have associated drinking fluoride with:

• bone cancer
• bone fragility and arthritis
• infertility
• neurological problems
• an unhealthy thyroid
• early puberty

We like Clearly Filtered because of its claim of being able to remove fluoride from tap water. More studies continue to expose health issues related to the addition of fluoride into drinking water around the world, but in the USA this toxin is especially prevalent. That is why filtered fluoride is so important to families’ health if the government insists on adding this chemical along with chlorine. It is also the reason Clearly Filtered promotes their removal of fluoride from tap water so heavily.

Claims made by Filtration Companies

What do companies like Brita and Clearly Filtered say they can offer consumers? Their filters remove toxins when regularly replaced and they both do some good for their customers. How much do they claim to remove? Do both firms remove the same particles? Let’s take a quick look.

Clearly Filtered vs Brita

Certain tests suggest that Brita water filters do not remove fluoride at all, and the box itself states that it retains the chemical. Others show that they remove some and also filter out chlorine plus that sulfurous smell associated with hydrogen sulfide. They do not remove heavy metals with their granulated activated carbon (GAC) filtration method.

Clearly Filtered jugs, however, effectively remove 90 to 99.99% of heavy metals, chlorine, and fluoride. They are particularly effective at getting rid of particles other systems can’t handle. Brita has been working hard to improve the health of the consumers; don’t imagine they are faking it. This company has made a lot of headway in that department and has probably done a lot for their customers. Technology has simply come a long way. Independent studies show just how far. Read the charts to see just how far this technology has come in 2015.

Where to Buy this New Water Filtration System

So how do you get your hands on this nifty water jug? Go to their Amazon listing here – or even their entire Amazon STORE – because they have really grown over the last few years, and offer more than just water filter pitchers: there will be more of them around in the next little while as the company becomes better known. The biggest cost associated with filtered water for use in the home is that of replacing filters, but the ones at Clearly Filtered are cheaper than those of the competition by as much as two thirds in some cases.

Customers enjoy savings when they sign up for automatic shipments and receive a discount on replacement filters plus free shipping. The average cost per gallon is around 35 cents because each filter lasts for up to 200 gallons-worth of drinking water. That’s a lot cheaper than buying bottled water and far better for the environment too.

To see our full Clearly Filtered water pitcher review, click here – you can understand that we are “clearly impressed!” (And our review video is just below as well!)

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